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Note: This article is for the new Microsoft Edge. Get help for the legacy version of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge security works hard behind the scenes as an invisible guardian to bring peace of mind to users when browsing the web.

Whether it is SmartScreen leveraging their reputation system to protect against malicious sites, website typo protection catching user errors on URLs, or enhanced security mode leveling up with proactive security when landing on an unfamiliar site, Microsoft Edge is constantly helping protect millions of customers each month from phishing, malware, scams, and unwanted advertising.

In addition, we offer a free, built-in, password management experience within Edge. Users’ saved passwords are encrypted and checked against a known repository of exposed credentials, with users alerted if a match is found. Approximately 53% of all Edge users have been alerted to at least one exposed password with Edge.

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Microsoft Defender SmartScreen provides an early warning system against websites that might engage in phishing attacks or might attempt to distribute malware through a socially engineered attack. The primary benefits include (but are not limited to) anti-phishing and anti-malware support, reputation-based URL and app protection, and operating system integration.

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How can SmartScreen help protect me in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen overview | Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Edge support for Microsoft Defender SmartScreen | Microsoft Learn

The practice of people registering a common misspelling of another organization's domain as their own in order to steal their traffic is informally known as "typosquatting." (For example: instead of (note the missing "s")).

If you mistype or misspell the legitimate site's URL, you might end up on a typosquatter's site instead and it may not always be obvious that you're not where you intended to go.

Microsoft Edge has a typosquatting checker that will warn you if you appear to have mistyped a common web address and may be directed to a malicious site.

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What is typosquatting?

Microsoft Edge is adding enhanced security features to provide an extra layer of protection when browsing the web and visiting unfamiliar sites.

The World Wide Web is designed to give you a rich browsing experience using powerful technologies like JavaScript. On the other hand, that power can translate to more exposure when you visit a malicious site.

With enhanced security mode, Microsoft Edge helps reduce the risk of an attack by automatically applying more conservative security settings on unfamiliar sites and will adapt over time as you continue to browse. 

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Enhance your security on the web with Microsoft Edge

Browse more safely with Microsoft Edge | Microsoft Learn 

Password Generator in Microsoft Edge is a game-changer. Use it to automatically generate a strong, unique password suggestion every time you need one. In addition, the generated password is saved automatically in your browser and synced across all of your signed-in devices so you don’t have to remember it. 

Also, Password Monitor helps protect your online accounts in Microsoft Edge by informing you when any of your passwords have been compromised, so you can update them. Changing passwords immediately is the best way to prevent your accounts from being hijacked. 

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Use Password Generator to create more secure passwords in Microsoft Edge

Protect your online accounts using Password Monitor


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