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Is there a way to list the depreciation accounts or Account Group setups for all of my assets? When adding assets to the Fixed Assets module, either manually or by importing them, the Require Account box in the Fixed Assets Company Setup window (Setup | Financial | Fixed Assets | Company) was not checked. I am now trying to run depreciation, but when I drill back on the transaction, I notice that instead of showing the asset’s depreciation account, it says Account Not Found. I can resave the accounts to be used with this asset as per the Knowledge Base Article 851024- Account Missing Error in Fixed Assets, but is there a way to list any other assets that may not have depreciation accounts currently setup?


Follow the steps below to generate a list of all assets and the Depreciation Expense, Depreciation Reserve, Prior Year Depreciation, Asset Cost, Proceeds, Recognized Gain/Loss, Non-Recognized Gain/Loss, and Clearing account numbers for each asset.

Any Assets without account numbers showing in these categories do not yet have depreciation accounts setup and you will want to follow the directions in the TechKnowledge “Account Missing Error in Fixed Assets” to save these accounts.

1. Click on the Explorer button on the menu bar in Dynamics.

2. Click once on the plus-sign next to the Fixed Assets folder in the left-hand pane of the Explorer window.

3. Click once on the (Default) report beneath the folder to select it, then click on the Columns button.

4. The Fixed Assets report defaults with the AssetID, Suf (Asset ID Suffix), Asset Description, Asset Class ID, Acquisition Date, Acquisistion Cost, and Location ID. Select and Remove the Acquisition Date, Acquisition Cost, and Location ID by clicking once on the column name and then clicking on the Remove button..

5. Click on the Add button, then add the following columns:

Depreciation Expense Account Number

Depreciation Reserve Account Number

Prior Year Depreciation Account Number

Asset Cost Account Number

Proceeds Account Number

Recognized Gain/Loss Account Number

Non-Recognized Gain/Loss Account Number

Clearing Account Number

6. Click OK and the Asset ID, Suffix, Description and Class ID, as well as the depreciation Account Numbers, will be displayed in the right-hand pane of the Explorer window. You can also click on either the Word or Excel button at the top of the Explorer window to output the results of this report to either of these document formats.

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