Assume that you are installing a March 2014 update for Microsoft Lync Room System (LRS). When Updating 7 of 7 appears on-screen, Lync Room System may become stuck. Additionally, you cannot sign in to Lync Room System when this occurs. 


This issue occurs because Lync credentials were lost or not input before you installed the update. Then, Lync Room System may encounter a race condition. Therefore, Lync Room System becomes stuck.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Restore Lync Room System to the factory settings from BIOS by using the manufacturer's process. For more information about how to restore SMART Room System to the factory settings, download the file from the following website:

    Note Refer to the "To reset the room system from BIOS" section in appendix C in the file.

  2. Go to the Admin user interface.

  3. In the Lync Settings tab, input the username, SIP URI, and password of the Lync account.

  4. Click the Test Meeting Now button to test whether the credentials are correct, and then save the credentials before you install the March 2014 update.

    Note After you follow the previous steps, Lync Room System will no longer become stuck when you install the update. However, to use Lync Room System, you must input the Lync account credentials, and then click the Test Meeting Now button or the Apply & Restart button.

  5. Install the following re-published March 2014 update for Lync Room System. The re-published update will not cause Lync Room System to become stuck in the situation that is described in the Symptoms section.

    2929207 Update for Lync Room System: April 2014

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