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We value feedback from our users and every message we receive is passed on to our editorial and product teams. If you have a question, please check the FAQ below to see if the answer is there.

Replying to your feedback 

Microsoft takes your privacy seriously. Your personal data is not collected when you submit feedback, so we do not record your email address and you won't receive an individual reply.


Microsoft News believes a free, well-funded press plays a critical role in society. Every day we deliver content from thousands of the world’s most respected publishers, free of charge. 

The money we accrue from advertising is shared with those publishers in order to help sustain a free press, and to pay the costs of providing the content to you. 

That shouldn’t happen, but if it does please help us fix it by sending a message through our feedback tool. You can access the feedback tool via a button in the bottom right-hand corner of any MSN page, and also through the settings cog at the top right-hand corner of the MSN homepage. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible, because without that detail it is hard to track down something that is impacting individuals among millions of users. 

Please provide: 

  • The page where you are seeing the problem – is it the homepage, an article, a gallery, or a video?

  • The URL of the page the ad takes you to

  • The brand or product the ad is for

  • It also really helps us if you describe what the issue is (e.g. ad overlapping words, content has disappeared, ad cannot be closed).

We will always be clear about what is an ad, and what is not. Some ads, such as sponsored stories and native advertising, sit alongside editorially programmed stories and are marked with an Ad label. Other types of ads, called display ads, sit separate from content. These are also marked with an Ad label, and in some countries you will see an additional “Ad Choices” label. 

Browsing, search and other online activity data associated with your Microsoft account is used to show you ads that may be tailored to your interests. You can adjust how your data is used through your Microsoft account settings. Click on ‘Privacy’, and then navigate to ‘Ad Settings’. Here you can remove and restore interests to enhance the relevance of ads that you’re seeing. You can also turn off personalized ads completely, but please note that ads may be less relevant if you do this.  


The content we publish—stories, galleries and videos—is created by thousands of the world's best-known publishing brands. (You can see a selection of them at the bottom of this page.) Their original work usually is not changed or altered in any way by our content teams or algorithms. However, if we find there are factual or any other significant errors impacting the quality of the content, we immediately notify the publisher and request corrections. To check who created the content, look for the prominent publisher logo at the top of every article, gallery or video, just above the headline.

We collect data about how you interact with MSN services, such as usage frequency and articles viewed, to provide you with relevant content. Some MSN services provide an enhanced experience when you sign in with your Microsoft account, including allowing you to customize your interests and favorites. You can manage personalization through MSN and Bing settings, as well as through settings in other Microsoft services that include MSN services.

To find out more about personalizing your feed, see the question How do I personalize my content? in the Functionality section below.  

For more information, see the Microsoft Privacy Statement here:

Microsoft News believes in the power of combining human and machine curation. Something unique and exciting occurs when you combine the power of technology with the experience of seasoned content professionals. Repeat this formula across the world and you’ve got a product that delivers highly relevant, insightful and serendipitous experiences to every user. 

Balancing conflicting viewpoints is a challenging issue and we care deeply about getting it right. What one person sees as biased may be balanced to someone else. We believe that trustworthy and diverse perspectives matter, and we are constantly working to develop content experiences that will allow us to feature all sides of a story. We also carefully select content partners who provide a range of perspectives that help us tell the whole story and give the big picture. 

To hide stories from a specific source, select the ellipsis (…) on a new story and choose Hide stories from... You can also select the Close button (X) to remove the article and choose either Not interested in this story or Don’t like the source. To manage your hidden publishers, select Hidden publishers in the left navigation. 

If you believe a mistake has been made, please tell us by sending a message through the feedback tool which can be found at the lower right corner of your screen as you are reading a piece of content. Explain what the problem is and provide either the headline of the article, video or gallery, or the URL where it can be found. All feedback is read by our content team and we will work diligently to ensure the issue is resolved.  


If you are using Edge (which you can download here), click on ‘Personalize’ in the navigation menu—it's located next to ‘My Feed’ and beneath ‘Top Sites’. This will take you to a page where you can select and deselect topics that interest you. Your feed will adjust to reflect your preferences, although news deemed important by our editors will still display prominently so that you don't miss out on need-to-know information.  

If you are using, you can remove and reorder sections on your homepage. Look for the Edit button in the top right-hand corner of each section ‘stripe’ (e.g. News, Sport, Autos). Click the button and you can remove the section, move it up or add a new section below. Alternatively, click on the settings cog in the top right-hand corner of the page and select ‘Customize This Page’.  

In the Microsoft News mobile app, tap the magnifying glass icon in the horizontal navigation at the bottom of the screen to reach the ‘Explore’ page. Here you can select and remove interests. Click on the star icon to reach the ‘My Interests’ page, which shows you all the interests you have currently selected. 

In the Microsoft News desktop app, select the star icon in the left-hand vertical navigation, which will take you to the ‘Interests’ page.  

On both the Edge default homepage and, click on the settings cog in the top right-hand corner. You will be presented with an option to ‘Select Language and Content’. Choose the country and language that suits you – we have over 60 editions.  

In the Microsoft News mobile app, tap the ellipsis (…) in the horizontal navigation, which will take you to the ‘Settings’ page. On the ‘Settings’ page, tap ‘Edition’ and select the country and language of your choice.  In the desktop app, select the settings cog in the bottom left-hand corner of the page and use the ‘Edition’ box to change markets.  

On Edge, the weather typically displays in a card in the top right-hand corner of the news feed. Click the ellipsis (…) next to the location on your weather card, and then click ‘Edit’. You can ask us to detect your location, or otherwise specify your location or city. You can also set the temperature to display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.  

On, the weather displays near the left-hand side of the navigation bar, just above the main stories of the day. Click on the pencil icon next to the location and temperature to trigger a pop-up screen, where you can set your default location and select Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

Your weather settings control your local news experience. You can change your local news location by changing your weather settings, as described above. Please note that local news is not available in all areas, or in every country, although we are continuing to expand our coverage.   

Edge users can also add local news from any available area as an Interest. After you’ve accessed the Interest page by clicking on Personalize on the Edge homepage, select Local category and choose your desired area. You can follow more than one local Interest.  See the question How do I personalize my content? for more detail on selecting Interests.  

Yes, although we’d prefer to keep bringing you the news. Please note there are many ways that you can personalize your news feed so that you see content that’s relevant to you. See above for how to personalize your feed. Also, please send us feedback on how to do better. 

If you are using the latest version of Edge (you can download it here), you can hide the news feed by selecting ‘Inspirational’ or ‘Focused’ mode using the settings cog in the right-hand corner of the Edge default homepage. The news feed will still be available if you scroll down. If you would like to turn off the news feed entirely, select ‘Custom’ mode and choose the ‘Content Off’ setting. 

If you are using an older version of Edge, you can use the ‘Hide Feed’ link, located at the top right-hand corner of the Edge default homepage, next to the Settings cog. This will take you to a page where you can customize your feed settings. To turn off your news feed, select either ‘Top Sites’ or ‘A Blank Page’ under ‘Page Display Settings’. To re-enable your news feed, select ‘Top Sites and My Feed’.  

General Microsoft help 

You can find detailed help for problems with — including locked accounts, fixes for common problems and email sync issues—at the Get Help with page.

Updates help your device run smoothly and securely. You can find out more about Windows updates—including how to schedule more convenient update start times in Windows 10—in the Windows Update FAQ

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