The updated font picker provides more information about the fonts you use and makes them easier to select. As individual members of a font family are collapsed, and seldom used “compatibility fonts” are hidden, the menu is shorter and easier to navigate.  

The pinned section comes pre-populated with fonts based on your language and is customizable. You can unpin fonts you dislike and pin those you like to this section. For European languages the following fonts are listed in the Pinned fonts section 

  • Calibri

  • Cambria

  • Arial Nova

  • Times New Roman

  • Georgia Pro

  • Verdana Pro

  • Sitka Text

  • Sitka Heading

  • Consolas

  • Bahnschrift

If your content uses fonts not available on your device a missing font warning triangle is shown. Fonts embedded within the document and also indicated, as well as any compatibility fonts that are used.  

Individual members of a font family are accessible via a flyout to the right of the font name. You can still use synthesized bold and italic fonts by selecting the B and I buttons from the menu. The full font name is shown in the font selection box, and synthetic styles are indicated with the words (bold), (italic) or (bold italic) following the font name.  

The flyout also provides a link to a help page associated with each font family that we include with Office.  

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