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When we run an aging ( Routines - Sales -Aging ) all the migration information ages correctly. However, when we go Reports - Sales - Trial Balance - Aged Trial Balace with Options , the information that came over from the migration does not age. In the field Aged as of the Date is 0/00/0000. Therefore, the information is in the wrong aging bucket. Why is this and how do we fix it?


Run the following query on the RM00103 table in the company database you are having the problem:

select * from RM00103

If the RM00103 table does not have a record for customers that have only transactions from prior to the migration, you need to enter a transaction for the customers and run the Aging Routine to get the system to populate the RM00103 for those customers.

Once you have entered transactions for each of the customers that only have migrated data, run the Receivables Aging ( Routines - Sales - Aging ) and the system will age the new transactions and the migrated transactions. You should also see the correct information in the Customer Summay window ( Cards - Sales - Summary ).

You can either enter valid transactions for the customers, or enter dummy transactions. If you enter dummy transactions and want to remove them from the system, void the dummy invoice and run Paid Transaction Removal to move it to history. Then remove history on the transaction so it is no longer on the Customer account. Also, make sure you delete the dummy invoice and void batches at the General Ledger.

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