Move students between Class Notebooks in OneNote

Use these steps to move a student and their private work from one notebook to another. For example: James Smith is leaving your period 1 Algebra class to join period 2 Algebra. Moving a student will not delete any of their work.

Add the student to their new notebook

  1. Sign in to with the log-in provided by your school.


    • If you don't see the Class Notebook app right away, click on All Apps to find it.

    • If your Class Notebook was created in Microsoft Teams, you will need to manage class membership directly in Teams.

  2. Select Class Notebook, then Add/Remove students in the ribbon, this will launch the Class Notebook Wizard. 

  3. Select the notebook you're adding the student to.

  4. Type the student’s name and select Next, then Update.

    Type in students' names and select Next.

Remove the student from their old class

  1. While Class Notebook Wizard is still open, select the Back to Home link.

  2. Select Add/Remove students.

  3. Select the notebook you’re removing the student from.

  4. Select the student’s name and select Remove> Next, then Update.

    Removed students' names are crossed off of the Existing student list with options to Undo and Remove next to all names.

Move the student’s private work from the previous notebook to the new notebook

  1. Open OneNote and then open both Class Notebooks. For example: Algebra P1 and Algebra P2. 

  2. Right click on each section of the student’s private notebook that you need to move to your other class. For example: Homework, Quizzes, or Handouts.

  3. Select Move or copy and then select the student’s name in the destination notebook. Select Move. Repeat this step for all the work you need to move.

Removing a student from a Class Notebook doesn't delete their private notebook from your class, even after you’ve moved work. To delete their work from their old class, right-click on the student’s name and select Delete.

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