Personal Data Keeper Hangs When Attempting to Approve and Process an Expense Report for a Prior Period


Personal Data Keeper (PDK) hangs when attempting to approve and process an Expense report for a prior period.

Potential Causes

1. TheEmployee was deleted in PDK. See Resolution 1.

2. Stored Procedures are missing from PDK. See Resolution 2.

3. The Timesheet or Employee Expense Next Document Number is not incrementing. See Resolution 3.

4. The Timesheet or Employee Expense Setup table is damaged. See Resolution4.


Resolution 1 -Personal Data Keeper requires that the Employee exist in the PDK User Setup Table before Personal Data Keeper can process the Expense reports or Timesheets to Project Series. If you delete the PDK Employee while that user still has unprocessed Timesheets or Expenses, Personal Data Keeper will hang because it cannot reconcile the Employee Expense or Timesheet with any existing user. To resolve, re-enter the deleted user's record exactly as it was prior to deletion, then reprocess the Expense report or Timesheet.

Resolution 2 -TheDexsql.log will tell you if any stored procedures are missing. If they are missing, they can be recreated in Great Plains.

1. Go toFile | Maintenance | SQL.

2.Database: Company's database (such as TWO).

3.Product: Project Accounting.

4.Find all PDK tables and highlight them.

5.SelectDrop Auto Procedure and Create Auto Procedure.

6.Find the PA Master table and highlight it.

7.SelectDrop Auto Procedure and Create Auto Procedure.

8.Change the Database to DYNAMICS.

9.Find the PDK Users table and highlight it.

10.SelectDrop Auto Procedure and Create Auto Procedure.

11.Close the window when finished.

Resolution 3 -Make sure the Next Document Number is set up for Timesheets or Employee Expenses.

1. Go toSetup | Project | Employee Expense or Timesheets.

2.If the Next Document Number is 9999 with no leading 0s, this will cause the Timesheets or Expenses to hang. It needs to have leading 0s.

3.We also recommend using alphanumeric Document Numbers such as EE0000001.

Resolution 4 -Recreate the Timesheet or Employee Expense Setup table.

NoteWe will be recreating the table so the information in the table will need to be set up again. A report can be printed from the Setup window with all of the necessary information.

1. Go toSetup | Project | Employee Expenses or Timesheets and click on the Printer icon.

2.In Great Plains, go toFile | Maintenance | SQL.

3.Database: Company's database (such as TWO).

4.Product: Project Accounting.

5.Find the table PA Employee Expense Setup or PA Timesheet Setup and highlight it.

6.SelectDrop Table, Create Table, Drop Auto Procedure, and Create Auto Procedure.

7.Once this process is finished,go back to the Timesheet or Employee Expense Setup window and enter the correct information. You can use the report we printed in step 1.

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