PO Number on my Check Remittance


What do I need to do to add the PO Number from the PM Transaction Entry window to the Check Remittance?


First, create a relationship between the PM Payment Apply to Work and the PM Transaction Open. The PM Transaction Open file contains the PO number.

1. Go into RW and open the Check Remittance.

2. Click on the Tables button on the toolbar, NOT the Tables button on the Report Definition

3. Select the PM_Payment_Apply_Work file from the Tables window and click Open.

4. Click on the Relationships button and then New in the Table Relationship window.

5. In the Table Relationship Definition window, click on the button with three dots. Select the PM Transaction OPEN File.

6. Select PM_Transaction_OPEN_Key 2 as the secondary table key and pull in the following selections in this


Apply to Document Type

Apply to Voucher Number

7. Click OK and back out of all the windows, saving your changes as you go.

8. Get back into the Report Definition window and click on the Tables button in that window.

9. Click on PM Payment Apply to Work and then choose New.

10. Select the PM Transaction OPEN File and then OK.

11. Click on Layout and in the toolbox open up PM Transaction OPEN. Find Purchase Order Number and drag

it onto the check, making sure it is in the body.

12. Save your changes and give security to the modified check in Dynamics.

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