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Portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now available. This article describes the features and enhancements that were included in this update, as well as the scope of the release. For a full list of all portal updates released to date and their corresponding KB articles, please reference this KB article.

Upgrade to Portal Capabilities Version

This release includes an updated portal host and updated solution packages (new solution packages will be available after portal host upgrades have been completed globally). The portal host will automatically be updated by Microsoft, but action must be taken by your organization to upgrade the solution packages.

Until the solution packages are updated, some enhancements will not be available to portal administrators and/or users. For instructions on how to upgrade the portal solution packages, please refer to this KB article.

New Features and Resolved Issues in Portal Capabilities Version

Version resolves the following issues:

  • Activity timeline control on entity forms doesn't load properly if large comments are present in timeline.

  • Number separators are not interpreted correctly for certain cultures and do not show the number properly.

  • Double byte characters appear garbled in files after being downloaded via Portal.

  • The "Status" and "Status Reason" fields are not available in the "Attribute Filter Set" for an Entity List.

  • An error occurs when a user requests to reset the password and enters an email address that does not exist.

  • System job failed when creating a new language if the Portal did not have any web link set.

  • When a user signs-in to the Portal, the sign-in sometimes fails with mismatching cookie error.

  • The entity list form editor does not change the previously selected view if the entity of the list is changed.

  • Lookup fields on entity forms did not support many to many relationships in Related Records Filtering.

  • Global scope entity permissions can get into an invalid state where they have parent entity permissions defined.

  • In the "Open Invitations" view, the Name column can display a blank value right after an Invitation is created.

  • When exporting entity list records to Excel, Date and Time and Whole Number columns are formatted as text.

  • Cannot upload web files unless a specific Grant Change permission is assigned to the web page.

  • The Month view for an entity list calendar view can show the weekday one day off.

  • Deactivated forum threads are still visible on the Portal.

  • When accessing a page that contains a Calendar field, from a mobile device, the calendar control is not fully visible.

  • The Full Name field on entity form is not respecting the NAme Format defined in System Settings.

  • Attachments will not get uploaded from Portal to Azure Blob Storage under some conditions.

  • External links redirect to the homepage if multiple languages are enabled on the Portal.

  • The "Record Associated to Current Portal User" option does not work as a Source Type when used within a web form step.

  • Cannot populate a lookup field using the "Set Value on Save" option in entity form metadata.

  • Content added to web pages from Portal CMS interface is not appearing in content field when you view it in the CRM interface.

  • Deleting notes and attachment from CRM causes performance issues on Portal.

  • Changing the CRM instance associated with a Portal can occasionally leave the Portal in an invalid state.

  • When adding a SSL certificate, the pop-up closes if you hit the return key after filling out the form.

  • Overriding a Column Attribute of an entity list would still show the original value.

  • An error can occur when redeeming an invitation if the invitation is for a contact that already has a modified profile.

  • Entity forms with sub-grids perform an unexpected full page refresh when an associated record is created or updated.

  • Users using iOS and Safari on OSx devices cannot upload word and pdf documents to the Portal.

  • When a user uploads a file with a restricted file type, a generic error message is displayed instead of the message specified in the "Restrict MIME Types Error Message" setting.

  • Two Option field are not being correctly localized in entity lists.

  • Portal is ignoring the labels set in entity form metadata for composite fields.

  • Custom domain SSL certificate upload fails for subjects with multiple subject alternate names.

  • An entity list will give an error if the underlying view has an "Under" condition operator.

  • Attachment upload times out when the attachment size is too big or multiple attachments of moderate size are uploaded.

  • Search is not showing results in non-English languages for Knowledge Articles if the portal is enabled for multiple languages but base language of the Portal is English.

  • The entity form metadata form's JSON Editor is not displaying some saved values.

  • Calendar view of an entity list did not work in the previous version.

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