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Portal capabilities version 9.1.11.x for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is in GA phase. 

This article describes the features and enhancements that were included in this update, as well as the scope of the release. For a full list of all portal updates released to date and their corresponding KB articles, please reference this KB article.

Power Apps Portals Version Release

This release includes only an updated portal host and no solution package updates. The portal host will automatically be updated to version by Microsoft.

Power Apps Portals Version Release

Portal host Version 9.1.11.x  resolves the following issues:

  • If the duration field on the form has a custom value, it shows as blank in portal entity form.

  • Autocomplete attribute is missing on email fields on Portal forms.

  • "Your profile has been updated successfully" message did not announce immediately to screen reader users.

  • Liquid code present inside Content snippet doesn't work properly unless content snippets are marked "editable"

  • Portal Design Studio:On Changing Page Name title is getting updated but bread crumb doesn't show updated value after save(preview)

  • Portal Design Studi:While viewing the preview of entity list in Portal Design studio, create button is clickable and take user to home page of portal.

  • Clicking on validation error message for Date Time field does not redirect to that field.

  • Custom maintainence page sometimes doesn't render properly when setup.

  • Screen reader does not read disable button for pagination in entity lists.

  • Screen reader not narrating the password setup on register page.

  • Profile gets updated automatically, when user press 'Enter' key over any form field on profile page.

  • Portal resends the confirmation email everytime the ConfirmEmailRequest URL is loaded

  • Screen reader not announcing "The password and confirmation password do not match" on the portal Register Page

  • Label does not get read out for first Metadata Filter record in Entity List

  • Head tag in Register Page differ, with and without Web Page Access control on Home page has Restrict Read

  • Screen reader reads "Alert error for required field" twice on certain forms.

  • Confirmation dialog does not work in case of multiple workflow action in entity list

  • During lookup search in iframe screen reader did not read the "there is no record to display" message.

  • EntityView liquid object does not honor Column name and width.

  • Locked user error message doesn't show if the Portal has local login disabled

  • Odata feed throws exception in case of missing value of order by attribute

  • Thumbnail for image not shown sometimes if storage location is Azure Blob.

  • Visually actionable column header text is not appearing in the grid section.

  • View Details Button in Portal Entity List not working in Chrome

  • It is not possibe to vote on an Idea if the Type of Voting of the Idea forum is Rating

  • Share point folder created without GUID when "Based on entity" option is enabled in Dynamics configuration

  • Forum thread  display empty subscribe button when user  'post a reply' on a thread without content

  • Html code editor sometimes malforms liquid code when < and > characters are present.

  • Multiple records can be created from webforms even though it is not allowed in configuration.

  • View Count is not updating for Support forum

  • Graph legends are overlapping the x-axis labels in certain type of charts.

  • User gets logged out if "Change and Confirm Email" button is clicked multiple times on profile page.

  • Entity permissions are not honored when lookup is rendered in dropdown mode for customer type of lookups.

  • Portal provisioned with CDS Starter Portal template doesn't render Entity List (in list, calender and map mode) and Entity forms on page templates of type "rewrite".

  • Clear config button does not clears out the adx_copy field changes of adx_wepage changes.

  • Google OAuth login provider doesn't work with portal properly if the legacy google + API is not enabled for the app. If the legacy Google+API doesn't work properly, please migrate to Google people API.

User Experience Changes

  • If a user doesn't have permission to save attachments no warning is shown and the form is submitted without attached file. After this release, if the user doesn't have permission to save attachments (permissions on annotation entity), then the attach file option will not be shown in Entity/Web forms.

Chrome 80 Samesite support

  • As announced in 2019 (, Google Chrome 80 stable version would be enforcing samesite cookie policy. With Portal release, we will be adding support for samesite attribute for all the cookies used by Portal for various scenarios, this will ensure that various portal scenarios like Portal local login, Portal Admin center as well as Portal PowerBI integration (with Azure AD auth) etc which would have been impacted by this change would work fine.
    However, if you are integrating portal with any external systems including external login providers, please ensure that those systems have also rolled out support for samesite attribute in cookie to ensure service continuity. Most importantly, if you are using external login providers which do not support "samesite" attribute, portal login will stop working on Chrome 80 stable version.

There are also few other accessibility, performance and security fixes which are shipped in this release.


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