Required and Optional Set Up Items to use Project Accounting

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Project Accounting Setup Checklist

1. Install the Project Accounting application.

2. Initialize Company Settings.

3. OPTIONAL. Set up User Classes using the User Class Setup window.

4. Set up Users using the User Setup window.

5. OPTIONAL. Set up User Classes using the User Class Project Accounting Settings window.

6. Set up Users using the User Project Accounting Settings window.

7. Complete Posting Setup for Project Series.

8. Set up the Project Accounting default information in the Project Setup window.

9. Set up information in Timesheet Setup, Equipment Log Setup, Miscellaneous Log Setup, Inventory Transfer Setup, Employee Expenses Setup, Purchase Order Setup, Purchasing Invoice Setup, windows.

10. Set up Billing information using the Billing Setup window.

11. OPTIONAL. Set up Unit of Measure Schedules using the PA Unit of Measure Schedule Setup window.

12. OPTIONAL. Set up Customer Classes using the Customer Class Setup window

13. Set up Customer records using the Customer Maintenance window.

14. OPTIONAL. Set up Employee Classes using the Employee Class Setup window.

15. Set up Employee records using the Employee Maintenance window.

16. OPTIONAL. Assign Employees to projects using the Project Access List window

17. OPTIONAL. Set up Equipment Classes using the Equipment Class Setup window.

18. Set up Equipment records using the Equipment Maintenance window.

19. OPTIONAL. Set up Miscellaneous Classes using the Miscellaneous Class Setup window.

20. Set up Miscellaneous records using the Miscellaneous Maintenance window.

21. OPTIONAL. Set up Vendor Classes using the Vendor Classes Setup window.

22. Set up Vendor records using the Vendor Maintenance window.

23. OPTIONAL. Set up Cost Category Classes using the Cost Category Class Setup window.

24. Set up Cost Category records using the Cost Category Maintenance window.

25. OPTIONAL. Set up Position Rate Tables using the Position Rate Table Maintenance window.

26. OPTIONAL. Set up Employee Rate Tables using the Employee Rate Table Maintenance window.

27. OPTIONAL. Set up Equipment Rate Tables using the Equipment Rate Table Maintenance window.

28. OPTIONAL. Set up Billing Cycles using the Billing Cycle Maintenance window.

29. OPTIONAL. Set up Revenue Recognition Cycles using the Revenue Recognition Cycle Maintenance window.

30. OPTIONAL. Set up Fee records using the Fee Maintenance window

31. OPTIONAL. Set up PA Buyer records using the PA Buyer Maintenance window

32. OPTIONAL. Set up Contract Classes using the Contract Class Setup window.

33. Set up Contract records using the Contract Maintenance window.

34. OPTIONAL. Set up Project Classes using the Project Class Setup window.

35. Set up Project records using the Project Maintenance window.

36. OPTIONAL. Set up Templates using the Contract Template Maintenance and Project Template Maintenance windows.

37. OPTIONAL. Process any Change Orders as needed.

38. Set up security information. Grant users access in Security Setup to the alternate windows for Project Accounting in the Sales, Payroll, Purchasing, Inventory and Finance series.

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