Restricting the Pay Code Maintenance Window to Only Display Pay Codes for the Current User

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How to use Field Level Security Scripting to restrict access to the current user Pay Codes?


Use Field Security Scripting to parse the determine the current user and the Employee ID of the record to be displayed and suppress the record if it isn't for the current user.

In Field Security Maintenance, create the following Field Security ID or use any desired value:

Field Security ID: EMPLOYEEPAY

Product ID/Name: 0/eEnterprise

Form Name: UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type

Window Name: UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type

Field Name: Display Existing Record

Table Name: N/A

Security Mode: Restore After


out boolean OUT_Active;

if upper('Employee ID' of window 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type' of form 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type') <> upper('User ID' of globals) then

warning "Access is only available to " + 'User ID' of globals;

clear 'Employee ID' of window 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type' of form 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type';

clear 'Employee Name' of window 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type' of form 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type';

clear 'Pay Record' of window 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type' of form 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type';

clear 'Description' of window 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type' of form 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type';

focus 'Employee ID' of window 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type' of form 'UPR_Employee_MNT_Pay_Type';

OUT_Active = true;

end if;

Note - Field Level Security Scripting is an additional purchase for Field Level Security customers. For more information, refer to the AdvancedSecurityEnt.pdf reference manual that is installed with Advanced Security and Field Level Security.

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