Run-time Error 62 - "Input past end of file" error message when using AutoDim


When using AutoDim while running the AutoDim.exe tool, you may receive the following error:

Run-time error 62: 'Input past end of file'


The AutoDim.txt file contains blank spaces or extra returns at the end of the file or the syntax is not correct.


1.Open up the AutoDim.txt file and delete any blank spaces at the end of each row of your file or blank rows at the bottom of the file.

2.There are 2 variables that are passed with each line of your AutoDim.txt file, the launch variable and the IMRUN variable. They are separated by a comma. So a sample line in an AutoDim.txt file would look similar to this:

c:\dynamics\dynamics.exe dynamics.set login.mac,c:\dynamics\im\imrun.exe /I "My Customers"

The launch variable is:

c:\dynamics\dynamics.exe dynamics.set login.mac

The IMRUN variable is:

c:\dynamics\im\imrun.exe /I "My Customers"

Both parts must exist, be valid pathnames, and be separated by a comma. Otherwise, the Run-time error 62 will result.

If you have long file names with spaces in them, the parameters must be enclosed by quotes like this.

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions\Great Plains\Dynamics.exe Dynamics.set login.mac","C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions\Integration Manager\IMRun /I My Customers"

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