You can conveniently send and receive files between two Android phones over a wireless connection that is managed by the Office app.

Tip: Before initiating a wireless file transfer, make sure that the two participating Android phones are both running the Office app, and that the phones are held close to each other to ensure a reliable connection. (Share nearby is currently not supported on certain Huawei devices.)

Do the following:

  1. In the Office app on your Android phone, tap Share nearby, and then choose whether you want to send or receive files.

  2. If you are the sender, tap Send to ask the receiver for permission to send files to their Android phone.

    If you are the receiver, then the other participant should complete this step.

  3. Once the Send request has been initiated, the receiver should tap Receive.

    When notified that the sender is ready to send files, the receiver can accept the connection by tapping Allow.

  4. The sender can now select the files that are to be transferred between the two phones, and the file transfer will start automatically.

The sender can continue to transfer files until either participant chooses to end the connection.

Note: If you’re an administrator in an organization managed by Microsoft Intune and want to configure access to the Share Nearby and File Transfer features in the Office app, see Manage collaboration experiences using Office for iOS and Android with Microsoft Intune.

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