SOP SQL Optimized Integration fails if segment ID is defined

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SOP SQL Optimized Integration fails if segment ID is defined.

Issue Detail:

With version 7.5a of Integration Manager, the SOP SQL Optimized Integration works incorrectly if you have a segment ID defined per inventory site. If there is a segment ID assigned per inventory site, all the distribution accounts should have that specific segment changed to the one for the site.

For example, SITEA has the segment "AAA" assigned to it. When you integrate the item, all the line item distribution accounts should be be labeled "AAA-xx-xxxx". When you manually enter an SOP transaction by using the SOP SQL Optimized Integration, only the first account distribution ("Inventory") is changed. The remaining distributions continue to use the default accounts that are assigned to the item.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:


You must have two complete copies of the chart of accounts. To create the copies, run Lesson Company, click Cards , click Financial , and then click Mass Modify .


Copy all the accounts. Change the new account mask to AAA-????-?? . This will create all our AAA account numbers. Repeat step 1, and then create a set of accounts that use the account mask BBB-????-?? .


Create two sites in inventory. To do this, click Cards , click Inventory , and then click Site . Name one site "SITEA" and then name the other site "SITEB". In the lower left part of the dialog box, under Account Segment ID, click AAA for SITEA, and then click BBB for site SITEB.


Create two items, TEST ITEM A and TEST ITEM B. After you create the items, click Accounts and assign an account number to each line in the dialog box. You may use any one of the accounts. You can also select the same one for every row. After the items are created, click the Quantities/Sites list and assign TEST ITEM A to SITEA and TEST ITEM B to SITEB.


Check your SOP Setup options. These are Setup, Sales, and Sales Order Proc. Click to select the Posting Accounts check box to pull data from the Item.


Manually enter an SOP invoice transaction. To do this, click Transactions , click Sales , and then click Sales Trx Entry for each customer.


Click Line Item Expansion for each customer, and then change the default site to SITEA.


Click Distributions . All the accounts in the Line Item Distribution dialog box should now start with "AAA". This is the expected result if you integrate the same item.


Create an SOP SQL Optimized Integration by using the same Item number and the same Site ID . Run the integration.

Note The item should integrate without error, but you should confirm that the operation was successful. To do this after you run the integration, open the invoice in the SOP Transaction Entry dialog box, and then click Line Item Details Expansion . Notice that only the first account distribution ("Inventory") has been changed. The remaining distributions are using the default account numbers that were originally assigned to the item.

Status of Resolution:

This problem is fixed in Integration Manager 7.5 Service Pack 2 (SP2).

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