SQL-Opt SOP integration error when not registered for MC

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Issue Summary:

SQL-Opt SOP integration error when not registered for MC

Issue Detail:

Trying to run a SQL-optimized SOP integration returns the following error "Item 'XXXX' exists but has not been set up to use the unit of measure 'XX', price level '', and quantity '2' combination entered." where XXXX is the item number you are trying to bring in and XX is the correct price level. The same integration using the standard adapter runs fine. MC is not registered however it was necessary to enter a functional currency for the company to avoid "Invalid use of Null" errrors when starting the integration. This appears to be a MC issue. If you use SQL to insert a currency ID into the IV00107 and IV00108 tables, then this SQL-optimized integration will run. However, this messes up eEnterprise such as when trying to change prices and also causes integration manager to not be able to find a default unit price. Steps to create: -Install eEnterprise -Enter reg keys that don't register MC -Create a new company -Enter setup info (accounts, customer, item, IV control, SOP setup, etc.) -Verify that you can manually enter and post an invoice using your setup info -Create a SQL-Opt SOP integration to bring this same information in. -Should receive an "Invalid use of Null" error. -Grant access to a currency ID for this company and set this up as the functional currency for the company. -Run checklinks on MC setup as prompted -Test SOP integration again to receive this error. Expected result: -Should be able to run this integration regardless of MC registration.

Status of Resolution:

This problem report is not currently scheduled, but check back to see its status change.

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