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Release version 2002 of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current branch contains fixes and feature improvements.

The "Issues that are fixed" list is not inclusive of all changes. Instead, it highlights the changes that the product development team believes are the most relevant to the broad customer base for Configuration Manager. Many of these changes were made in response to customer feedback about product issues and product improvement.


Issues that are fixed

Site Systems

  • On servers with many events in the event logs, the SiteHealthMonitor.log records repeated timeouts.

  • Client push installation fails if a secondary site is defined in the Assigned Site section of a boundary group for site assignment.

  • SQL statements for the SMS_DATABASE_NOTIFICATION_MONITOR component (smsdbmon) may deadlock in an active site with multiple SMS Providers installed. One or both of the following errors may be recorded in the smsdbmon.log file.

1. *** [23000][547][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "ProviderNotificationTracking_ProviderNotifications_FK". The conflict occurred in database "CM_{sitecode}", table "dbo.ProviderNotifications", column 'RecordID'. : spNotifyProvider
2. *** [40001][1205][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Transaction (Process ID 101) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction. : spNotifyProvider 
*** Deadlock detected, retrying the statement 

Operating System Deployment and Task Sequences

  • Client computers may be presented with the BitLocker Recover Console when attempting to boot into a PXE environment. This occurs if the Network Interface Card (NIC) is first in the boot order.

  • The Installation Progress window for an operating system upgrade task sequence does not update. This occurs if the task sequence runs again after a prior failure. An error resembling the following is recorded in the smsts.log file. Note that the installation is not affected by this issue, only the progress window.

Could not read Windows Setup progress regkey value ‘SetupProgress’ at ‘HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup\MoSetup\Volatile’. Stopping UI progress. (0x800703fa)



Hardware Inventory

  • Hardware inventory data from the CCM_OperatingSystemExtended class stops reporting after deploying the BitLocker management agent. This can affect membership in device collections for customers using Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM).



  • The New-CMTSRule PowerShell cmdlet fails to create a task sequence and returns an error resembling the following.

    New-CMTSRule : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'ReferencedVariableName'.

  • The InstallMBAMWebsites.ps1 PowerShell script fails to run in an environment with a disjoint namespace. An error resembling the following is returned.

    Set-MachineUserOnSql : Unable to get machine’s domain name


Reporting and Data Warehouse

  • The description for the Compliance 2 – Specific software update report is updated to indicate the result set is limited to 500 items.

  • Reports fail to publish when a proxy is configured for the site, and the reporting services point uses port 443. Errors resembling the following are repeated in the srsrp.log.

    (!) SRS not detected as running
    Failures reported during periodic health check by the SRS Server {server_name}
    The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.


  • The BitLocker Computer Compliance Report does not show Computer Details information for compliant devices when there is at least one non-compliant device in the environment.


  • Office 365 Monthly Channel updates are incorrectly categorized as “Other” in the Office 365 Client Channels section of the client management dashboard.


Configuration Manager console

  • The default filter value for Date Released in All Software Updates view is now “is on or after” instead of “is on or before”.


  • Non-default columns added to the Configuration Manager console do not persist after a restart of the console.


  • The Success Criteria chart shows “NaN%” instead of “0.0%” for a Phased Deployment Status report when Total Resources are zero.


  • The “Windows 10 Usage” portion of the Windows 10 Servicing dashboard is not clickable in the Configuration Manager console.


  • An unhandled .NET Framework Exception Error is generated when multiple Software Update Groups are selected and "Create Phased Deployment" is chosen. Note that this option should not be available when multiple groups are selected.


  • Multiple improvements are made to the Configuration Manager console to improve sorting, searching, and displaying data.


  • The Configuration Manager console terminates unexpectedly when trying to access a device collection child folder containing many objects.


  • The Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut does not work to paste MAC addresses into the Duplicate Hardware Identifiers window in the Configuration Manager console.


  • The Configuration Manager console terminates unexpectedly when opening the Provisioning Device Properties window for a new object.


  • The Configuration Manager console may hang for 10-15 seconds every 5-10 minutes if the Administration Service is not installed. Errors resembling the following are recorded in the SmsAdminUI.log

    System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server
    Failed to get a response for OData query: v1.0/ConsoleUsageData/AdminService.UpdateConsoleHeartbeat.


Software Distribution and Content Management

  • Content fails to download from a cloud distribution point if the TLS 1.2 protocol is enforced on the cloud management gateway. Errors resembling the following are recorded in the DataTransferService.log.

    https://{content_url} failed with 400
    Successfully queued event on HTTP/HTTPS failure for server '{cloud distribution points}'.
    Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 400, status 'Bad Request'
    GetDirectoryList_HTTP('https://{content_url}') failed with code 0x87d0027e.
    Error retrieving manifest (0x87d0027e).


  • A pull-distribution point cannot download the Configuration Manager Client Packages (including upgrade and pilot packages) when the source is a cloud distribution point.



  • The automatic client upgrade process does not restrict traffic as expected to Management Points within a defined boundary group.


Cloud services

  • If you create a connection to an Azure service, and set the Azure environment to the government cloud, the properties of the connection show the environment as the Azure public cloud. This issue is only a display problem in the console, the service is still in the government cloud.


Software Updates Management

  • Software update deployment templates do not preserve restart settings or deployment packages.


  • An automatic deployment rule (ADR) fails to run if one of its target collections is deleted from the Configuration Manager console.


  • The deployment deadline for an automatic deployment rule cannot be modified to “as soon as possible” if another deadline was previously selected.


  • In some scenarios, Software Update Deployment policies cannot be created or updated. Errors resembling the following are recorded in the objreplmgr.log file.

    [SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]String or binary data would be truncated.


  • Software update compliance status changes may not be replicated from a primary site to the central administration site (CAS) if the sites are using Microsoft SQL Server 2017.


  • Client computers receive Windows feature updates repeatedly, causing multiple restarts. This occurs when multiple applicable feature updates are deployed with the same assignment.


Support Center and SDK

  • Support Center is updated to collect all .ETL files from \Windows\Logs\WindowsUpdate to assist in troubleshooting issues with Microsoft Update.


  • The Discover method of the ConfigMgrDataDiscoveryRecordMessage class in the Client Messaging SDK returns in accurate Windows version information.


  • The Support Center One Trace tool is updated to open a set of client log files based on pre-defined features, sure as Software Updates, Application Management, etc.


  • Log entries displayed in One Trace are now highlighted yellow for warnings and red for errors.


Hotfixes that are included in this update

  • KB 4537079: Update Rollup for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current branch, version 1910

  • KB 4552181: Content distribution stalls in Configuration Manager current branch, version 1910

  • KB 4552430: Third-party update category synchronization resets to default in Configuration Manager

Dependency changes

The following dependent components that are included with Configuration Manager version 2002 are added or updated to the specified versions:

  • System.Linq.Dynamic.Core.dll to version v1.0.20

  • Osextensions.dll to version 1.0.0

  • Xceed.wpf.avalondock.dll to version 4.0.0

  • Xceed.wpf.datagrid.dll to version 4.0.0

  • Xceed.wpf.toolkit.dll to version 4.0.0


Updates and servicing for Configuration Manager

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