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The FRx SysData directory contains files that are necessary for the operation of all FRx applications.

This article describes the contents of the SysData directory, as well as some notes about the SysData. Files Contained Within the SysData Directory File Name/Extension File Description ActSys32.mdb Accounting System database that tells FRx which systems it can access.

REQUIRED .TPL Files Template files used to create new files and databases. REQUIRED .F32 Files Spec set database - contains rows, columns, trees, and catalogs created within FRx. Many of these may exist.

REQUIRED FRxDemo.F32 Spec set database containing demo reports for the FW and FWC companies. FRxRpts.F32 Default spec set database. FRxSys32.mdb FRx System database - contains system information for FRx.

REQUIRED .G32 Files GL Index files - one file is created for each company to store basic company information. Required, but created as needed. Matrix2.pmm Feature matrix file. REQUIRED System.cfg System preferences and settings file.

REQUIRED. Additional Notes When FRx is installed as a Network installation (also known as a Thin or Compact client), one Sysdata directory, located on the network, is created. This directory contains all of the files listed above.

When FRx is installed as a Fat client with a shared network Sysdata, two Sysdata directories are created. One Sysdata directory is created on the network; this directory contains the FRxSys32.mdb, Matrix2.pmm, System.cfg, and all .F32 and .G32 files.

The second Sysdata directory is created on the local client machine under the FRx directory; this directory contains the ActSys32.mdb, and all .TPL files. These files MUST be located in the appropriate Sysdata directory for FRx to function properly.

It is possible for .F32 files to be contained in a different directory, outside of the Sysdata directory. Spec set locations can be configured from within the FRx Designer. In this scenario, the Sysdata directory does not need to contain any .F32 files.


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