Office has a refreshed look to help you be more productive. 

Simplified Ribbon

In Office Online the ribbon you're used to seeing looks like this:

The ribbon in Word Online

Now you can choose to use the simplified ribbon, which looks like this:

The simplified ribbon in Word Online

The simplified ribbon works in the same way that the traditional ribbon does. There are tabs across the top, and commands on each tab. The simplified ribbon, however, is more streamlined to use less space on the screen.

You can toggle back and forth between them in Office Online by going to the View tab and checking (or unchecking) the Simplified Ribbon checkbox.

New icons

You've probably already seen the new icons that are appearing in your Office applications.

Your browser does not support video.

We know that change can be uncomfortable and we assure you that we haven't made these changes casually. The new icons are scalable vector graphics, which means that they will scale better on bigger screens and smaller screens, without losing resolution when you resize the window your application is in. Also the bolder lines and higher color contrast helps make the icons more visible in difficult lighting or for people with visual impairments.

We don't always get things right, so we promise to continue to listen and learn. Your feedback is critical to help us refine these icons over time to make them even better.

If there’s specific icons or elements of the new design that are not working for you, please let us know. You can use File > Feedback > Send a Frown from Word, Excel or PowerPoint. If you include a screenshot (optional) that is very helpful.

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