Troubleshoot Apps in the Your Phone app

Where did Phone screen go?

Phone screen is still available, you can open it by using the Open phone screen button above the apps list. This will mirror your phone screen the same way it did before, but it will be on a separate window from the Your Phone app. Apps provides an easier way to interact with all of the apps installed on your Android device by launching them directly.

I can't see my apps under my other Android or enterprise profile

The Your Phone app currently doesn’t support multiple Android profiles or work accounts. Only apps on your default profile will display in the Your Phone app. The Your Phone app isn’t compatible with work or school accounts. 

Wi-Fi troubleshooting

Your Phone Apps will only work when your Android device and PC can communicate with each other. They’ll both need to be turned on and connected to the same network (for example, your home Wi-Fi). 

Common troubleshooting for Wi-Fi: 

1. Check if your phone is connected to mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, by going into your Android device Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi and ensure your Wi-Fi toggle is turned On and the status underneath your current network is Connected.

2. Check if your Android device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC:

  • Start by checking your Android device's connection in Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi and note the name of the network under the current network heading.

  • On your PC go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. Check that your PC Wi-Fi is turned On and the connected network is the same one as your Android device.

3. You may have two different Wi-Fi networks, such as one that uses the 2.4GHz band and the other 5GHz. If you click on your device's Wi-Fi icon you should be able to see these networks in the list. Try connecting to the same network on both devices. 

4. Are you behind a firewall or using a VPN? If so, it could be blocking communication between your devices, you could try disabling these to see if this fixes the problem. 

Public and work networks may cause connection errors

If you're attempting to use Phone screen in your workplace, a successful connection may not always be possible. In that event we’d recommend talking to your IT department or network administrator. If you're connected to a public Wi-Fi network (like at a hotel or coffee shop), they may have network restrictions preventing you from being able to connect. 

Why am I getting a connection error?

If you see an error message indicating your PC couldn't connect to your Android device, it could be for a variety of reasons. Here are few things to try: 

On your Android device, check that: 

  • It's turned on.

  • Battery Saver is turned Off.

  • Airplane mode is turned Off.

  • Your Android device and PC are connected to the same network or Wi-Fi.

  • You're signed into Link to Windows with the same Microsoft account as the one on your PC.

On your PC: 

  • Check if your PC is connected to the Internet.

  • Make sure Battery Saver is turned Off.

  • Check that your system accounts are working correctly. Go to Settings > System > Shared experiences. If there are no issues with your account, there will be a message on the screen letting you know things are working correctly. If there is an issue with your account, select Fix now to start resolving it.

Why does an app show up as a black screen on my PC?

Some apps might block the ability to cast to other screens. You won't be able to use that app on your PC. 

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