There are a few common issues that can prevent calling from working. To troubleshoot, start by trying this:

On your PC:

  • Make sure Focus assist is turned off. To do this: right click the Action Center icon  on the taskbar, select Focus Assist, then Off.

  • Close the Your Phone app and reopen it.

  • If none of above work, please reboot your PC.

On your Android device:

  • Turn Bluetooth off and on again. To do this, swipe downward from the top of your screen to reveal the Android Notification panel, tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it off/on.

If calling still isn't working, continue on to additional troubleshooting below. 

Your Android device and PC may have failed to automatically connect via Bluetooth. From your Android device, try to connect your devices manually by:

  1. Swiping downwards from the top of your screen to reveal the Android Notification panel. Tap and hold the Bluetooth icon.

  2. A list of nearby devices will be displayed. Locate the name of your PC in this list and tap on it.

  3. You should see notifications on both your Android device and Windows 10 PC. Tap or click on these toasts to confirm.

  4. The connection process should now be complete, and you’ll be able to use the Calls feature.

If you’re still unable to use Calls, make sure the Your Phone app on your PC is closed, then do the following:

On your Android device:

  1. Open your device Settings.

  2. Tap Connected devices > Connection preferences > Bluetooth.

  3. Make sure Bluetooth is turned On.

  4. Next to the paired device that you'd like to change, tap Settings.

  5. Select Unpair (or 'forget').

On your PC:

  1. Select Start  > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.

  2. Select your Android device from the list.

  3. Select Remove device.

  4. Confirm the removal.

  5. If there's another entry for your Android device, make sure you unpair it, too, by following steps 2-4.  Make sure your Android device is not on the list.

  6. Open the Your Phone app and set up Calls again. 

For some Android devices, your Battery Optimization settings may interrupt your connection. We recommend turning it off for the companion app on your Android device (either Your Phone Companion or Link to Windows). Here's how to turn it off based on which companion app you have:

If you have Your Phone Companion*:

Open Android Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Your Phone Companion > Advanced > Battery > Manage Battery Usage > Battery optimization. Scroll down to Your Phone Companion and select Don't optimize.

If you have Link to Windows*:

Open Android Settings > Apps > Link to Windows Service > Battery > Optimize battery usage. Select All from the drop-down list, scroll to find Link to Windows service, and turn the toggle Off.

*Note: These steps may vary based on your Android device model. 

Some apps may be interfering with making calls. What does this mean?

This error is appearing because you may have paired your Android device to your PC with a third-party app, or your devices may be paired through a pre-installed app from your hardware manufacturer (like Dell Mobile Connect or Virtoo by LG). Some of these apps conflict with being able to make calls, so we recommend uninstalling them, then unpairing your Android device and pairing it again with Calls.

To uninstall apps, go to Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Select the app you want, then Uninstall.

To unpair your Android device from your PC, go to your Windows Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Other devices. Select your device from the list, then Remove device. Then, in the Your Phone app, go to Calls and pair your devices again.

Why don't calls work after changing my Android device name?

Start by unpairing your Android device from your PC. Go to Start  > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Other devices). In your Android device settings (typically under the About your device page), change the name to the one you want. Then, go back to your PC's Bluetooth settings and pair your phone again to establish the connection with your phone's updated name.

Why can't I use my Bluetooth headphone on my PC to get calls from the Your Phone app?

The Your Phone app does not currently support relaying a phone call from your Android device to a headset over Bluetooth. 

Can I choose which SIM to use with calling if I have dual SIM capability on my Android device?

The Your Phone app doesn't support dual SIM options. Your call will be placed or received using your primary SIM. 

I'm experiencing audio quality issues while making calls

There are a few things you can do to improve your audio connection while making calls:

  • If you're using a Bluetooth mouse or accessory and experiencing poor quality during a call, try temporarily disconnecting it to see if your audio quality improves.

  • If you're experiencing a bad echo, try using a wired headset to improve the experience.

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