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Make sure your PC and Android device are both nearby, turned on, and connected to Wi-Fi. If you were able to set up the app but your content isn't syncing, our connection troubleshooting tips may help. 

If your issue isn't addressed below, try looking on the Your Phone app troubleshooting page. 

How do I use and scan the QR code?

If you've started linking your devices from your PC, you'll be asked to scan a QR code during the setup process. When you receive the prompt for “Is there a QR code on your PC?”, tap on it, and select Allow to let the Your Phone Companion app take pictures and record videos. You can now use the app to scan the QR code.

My PC isn't listed in the menu of available devices. What do I do?

Your PC should be nearby, turned on, and signed in with your Microsoft account. This should be the same account you signed in with on your Android device earlier in the setup process for Link to Windows. If you’ve done all the above but your PC still isn’t in the list, try turning your PC off and on again, and begin the linking process again from your Android device.

The Your Phone app didn't automatically open on my PC while I was setting up Link to Windows

If the Your Phone app on your PC didn't automatically open, close the Link to Windows app on your Android device and try setting things up from your PC instead. On your PC, open the Your Phone app and follow the setup instructions there. 

My codes don't match so I can't link my phone

For security reasons, too many failed attempts (more than 3) to match the codes on your PC and phone will automatically prevent you from being able to start linking your devices from your phone. To link your devices, close and reopen the Your Phone app on your PC and begin the setup process from there instead. You'll be prompted to accept permissions instead of matching codes to link your devices.

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