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Update 1.2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online is available. Update 1.2 is not available for on-premises server installations. However, we recommend that you install Update 1.2 on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Microsoft Office Outlook and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 E-mail Router. When they are running Update 1.2, those components can connect to a CRM organization that is running an earlier version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in this update.

This update is available for all languages that are supported by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Microsoft Office Outlook



Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 E-mail Router



Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Language Pack



Update information

The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

Download Update 1.2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Update 1.2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 resolves the following issues:

  • Extended the application metadata sync timeout to be the value from registry of key: ExtendedTimeout

  • Corrected an issue with multi-entity Business Process Flows.

  • Lowered the severity of trace category for a UserAgent lookup scenario.

  • Resolved an issue with certain organizations where Outlook Configuration for CRM fails if Client has Update 7.1 installed.

  • Resolved an issue where Bulk edit update reverts statuscode to default value.

  • Fixed an issue where an onchange script isn't firing from +New Button when Quick Create is disabled.

  • Corrected an issue with # characters showing instead of actual datetime values on dynamic refresh when using Danish.

  • Certain users in some organizations are unable to view Opportunity Records in the same browser window.

  • Scrolling on the top menu takes a user to end of the list, skipping all the entities between first page and last page.

  • Added the functions addPreSearch and addCustomFilter.

  • Using QuickView with an option set renders parent form as having unsaved changes.

  • Unable to publish customizations after having deleted an entity with a Business Rule.

  • Provisioning Users from O365 fails if the default Email Profile is set as POP3 and the Accounts/Contacts/Tasks option is set to Server Side Synchronization.

  • When using Export to Excel, GUIDs are exported instead of ActivityPartyName.

  • The DbUpgrade Action for FolderBasedTracking fails to create relationships for all custom entities with the MailboxTrackingFolder entity.

  • Added additional tracing information for tracking server-side sync issues.

  • CRM Custom Email Templates are inaccessible in the CRM for Outlook client.

  • When using a personal view on PluginTypeStatistics, error "The required attribute 'jump' is missing" occurs.

  • An error occurs when changing the status of a team owned, activated Quote (revise/close/order)

  • An error occurs when pasting Excel data into another Excel workbook, "The command cannot be used on multiple selections."

  • Unable to render the Subject tree lookup if there are 250+ nodes.

  • Utilizing the save functionality on rich email text clears the email body when using the new form rendering engine.

  • Added additional duplicate value detection for certain values.

  • Removed the "starts with" filter on ConversationIndex validation.

  • "An error occurred when CRM tried to generate the Excel file" when attempting to Export to Excel.

  • Export to Excel fails if there are columns with duplicate display names.

  • An error occurs when attempting to reimport data that was exported to Excel, "A duplicate lookup reference was found."

  • A permissions error occurs when assigning a record from the open record form if the assigning user has user level assign permissions.

  • A script error occurs when refreshing the product form after upgrading to CRM 2015 Update 1.

  • Multiple errors received on launching Outlook when an item is tracked from a non-default store and tied to a non-CRM user.

  • An incorrect message shows when collapsing\expanding tabs, when using the new form rendering engine, "Are you sure you want to leave this page?"

  • Outlook cannot configure to an organization that has a sitemap with matching subarea IDs in group (and when ShowGroup is set to false).

  • An error occurs in Query Builder when using related entity Existing Product and Name.

  • Default views for activities crashes when the view contains UnresolvedEmailParty.

  • Enabled an option in CRM to resolve certain instances where server-side sync mailboxes become unusable.

  • Mailboxes becoming disabled in CRM if the user isn't active in CRM.

  • Unable to read response from Exchange when making EWS calls.

  • Form load from custom roles causes multiple exceptions in the CRM traces related to missing privileges and performance degradation.

  • Telemetry shows "Can't execute code from a freed script" resulting from ribbon.js.

  • Failure in processing email in "GetItems" step results in an infinite loop.

  • Issue with lines being added to the top of the email body when replying to an email in CRM.

  • Automatic case creation customer identification fails for contacts who are also users with the same email.

  • The OptionSet control methods for statuscode field are not working.

  • Mail Merge to email with attachments shows a blocked attachment message for every attempt to create records in CRM after the first email.

  • Plugin steps and image attributes not updating with solution import.

  • Pressing "ALTGr+S" on a Polish keyboard does not enter the Polish "?" alphabet character.

  • Submit button no longer supports Back Office Integration.

  • Dates populated with Business Rules are showing the wrong day.

  • An error occurs when opening certain views from CRM for Outlook, "There was an error displaying the records in this view."

  • A timeout occurs when making a change to Field Security Profiles.

  • The "GetValue()" function on Date type is returning an incorrect value.

  • The CRM for Outlook client synchronization resets and triggers recurring appointment reminders.

  • A chart for the Appointment entity is not displayed correctly when it is supposed to show only related records.

  • Composite Controls are not able to be read-only.

  • The CRM for Outlook client doesn't refresh the Authentication token after 30-60 minutes.

  • Web resources don't resize when the browser window is resized.

  • Action registered on saved event on hosted controls is not triggered correctly.

  • Cannot bulk import product records as per Product Structure.

  • Appointment reminders are shown as soon as appointments are synchronized with Server Side Synchronization.

  • Currency precision not displayed correctly.

  • Pipeline Phase is blank after an Opportunity is reopened and Sales Stage reverts to Qualify.

  • Currency unit is not displayed correctly even after making changes.

  • The OptionSet display order is not respected in the new form rendering engine.

  • Error "The data type is not valid for the boolean operation" occurs when configuring the CRM for Outlook Client.

  • Record doesn't save when it has a Currency Field and there is a lookup for the Currency Entity editable and hidden on the form.

  • When a plugin throws an exception, that exception doesn't block the assignment of a record.

  • While setting default values for activities, the owner attribute is becoming overwritten with the currently logged in user.

  • Unhandled exception occurs when trying to update an existing connection that doesn't have a role.

  • Query Builder Error occurs when sending emails to unresolved email recipients and using rollup queries.

  • HTTP 404 - Not Found received when building Search criteria.

  • When saving an email activity, after changing parties and owner, the added parties are lost.

  • After upgrading to CRM 2015 Update 1, unable to access HTML Web Resources in Outlook Client.

  • BusinessUnitIDs are updated to new values after a full organization copy.

  • Corrected an incorrect translation in German regarding the opening of an Account record.

  • A format using a comma as the decimal separator causes wrong amounts for quantity.

  • Merging records that have connections with a custom lookup will fail if the related records of the custom relationship have different records than out of the box connections.

  • "SetFormMode" executes inefficiently in the new form rendering engine.

  • Creating an appointment after creating a phone call throws a script error on the social pane.

  • WorkflowTransactionContext within the Dispose method call attempts to call ExecutionContext.OnErrorRequest against an ExecutionContext that is not in use.

  • An OptionSet with a selected null value results in the Command Bar to no longer functioning correctly.

  • Using The Business Process Flow causes some records to be rendered incorrectly.

  • The received date is not shown on the draft email when replying to an email from CRM.

  • The "Email A Link" function sets CC on Email to "[Object object]"

  • When un-hiding a section via SDK, fields change their size upon selection.

  • Privilege check on navbar item causes an error to occur.

  • Report wizard allows the creation of reports that exceed the maximum number of linked entities.

  • The CRM for Outlook client prompts for the same email address if there are 2 exchange accounts in the same profile.

  • The CRM for Outlook configuration errors in the log don't include the error code or a forward link for Dynamic Help.

  • The CRM for Good App displays a white screen when using Good Work as the Authentication Delegate.

  • CRM for Good error "We're having trouble settings things up. May we try again? Or we can start fresh but you'll lose any personalization you made in the app" occurs when trying to use delegate authentication.

  • When opening a case record which is automatically closed using a workflow, the error "This case has already been resolved. Close and reopen the case record to see the updates" occurs.

  • An error occurs when attempting to add the Organization Service in a Visual Studio Project.

  • CRM Outlook client configuration creates Address Book Provider subscription.

  • Unable to print workbooks that have been exported to Excel from CRM Online.

  • Solution Import fails on managed properties.

  • The "Welcome" screen loops when using CRM for Good App on an iPad.

  • Content on the grid is not formatted correctly, and not aligned with the grid header.

  • Regarding Field is removed when changing an Appointment to a Recurring Appointment.

  • "You do not have permission to access these records" error when clicking Track in CRM if the user does not have prvReadConvertRule privilege.

  • When sending emails from CRM, the Contacts are not separated by a semi colon.

  • After using Export to Excel, the "Save Changes to CRM" function fails on entities that share display names.

  • Marketing List in the CRM for Outlook Client does not refresh.

  • Auto save changes cursor position in multi-line text fields.

  • The error "The field has an invalid XAML formula definition - Rollup field" occurs when saving a rule for Roll-up field.

  • CustomerAttributeMapping is not thread safe and can cause Infinite Looping.

  • Not able to add members from one Marketing List to another.

  • Assigning records throws an error when assigning a user that has user level assign permissions.

  • Cannot tab into Calendar.

  • DbUpgrade Action for FolderBasedTracking fails to create relationship for all custom entities with MailboxTrackingFolder entity.

  • Default views for activities crashes when the view contains UnresolvedEmailParty.

  • When using the new Form Rendering Engine, the Addresses sub-grid "+" does not respond when clicked.

  • Chart is not displayed correctly when it is supposed to show only related records.

  • The error "The command cannot be used on multiple selections" occurs when attempting to paste data in Excel.

  • Subject tree lookup cannot be rendered on the new Form Rendering Engine if there are 250+ nodes.

  • Outlook cannot configure to an organization that has a sitemap with matching subarea IDs in group, and ShowGroup set to false.

  • Provisioning Users from Office 365 fails if the default Email Server Profile is POP3 for e-mail, and ACT is Server Side Synchronization.

  • Unable to Publish Customizations after deleting an entity with a Business Rule.

  • An error occurs when trying to modify Work Hours for Facility/Equip.

  • Cannot run reports with default filtering from dashboard.

  • Object doesn't support property or method 'substr' script error occurs.

  • The error "The message was saved as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM record without all of the original attachments. One or more attachments were blocked or invalid." occurs when sending a Mail Merge with an attachment.

  • Server Side Sync throws exception if regardingObjectTypeCode for Email is invalid or absent.

  • AccessMode and its Audit Record have been changed by system.

  • Audit Logs Fails to Render for Workflows.

  • The error "An unexpected error occurred." occurs when attempting to import Contract Item data.

  • When attempting to save an Appointment the error "General failure in scheduling engine" occurs.

  • Dynamics CRM mobile app does not adhere to role based permissions in the RibbonDiffXML.

  • Performance issues occur when using RetrieveMultiple to retrieve e-mails if the e-mail address does not resolve to a record in CRM.

  • Date for Rollup field gets reverted back to 1/1/1900 after the Field is created.

  • Fields with labels on top are not set as visible via Business Rule.

  • When using Server Side Sync to sync an activity if there is a value on ActualEnd it creates a closed Exchange task.

  • Script error occurs when creating a new Case 2 times in a row by clicking Save and Close.

  • Manager level hierarchy security model not working as expected.

  • CRM App for Outlook encounters an error when attempting to load in Outlook Web Access.

  • Wrong Billing date on Contract.

  • The error "Cannot create the given type without the required parameters" occurs when modifying recipients on email template used by workflow.

  • Updated ADAL version used by Outlook Client.

  • Label on Business Rule does not get translated after import.

  • The error "Error An error has occurred." occurs while trying to create an Appointment using Search.

  • Running a Workflow on an update step clears the email Body\Description Field.

  • Server Side Synchronization calls to obtain access token fail with the error "Underlying connection was closed."

  • Creation of user is prevented when user has a POP or SMTP type of e-mail account.

  • Confirm Prompt Missing when deactivating a record.

  • Unable to copy text from multiple areas of the Form.

  • Using CRM for Outlook the message "Tracking Outlook Item in CRM contacting CRM" appears for tracked sent emails.

  • Able to delete "Opportunity Products" from a Won Opportunity that has a Read-Only status.

  • Change in value does not get updated in the Dynamics CRM reading pane within Outlook.

  • Web Resource does not respect sizing on the new Form Rendering Engine.

  • WorkflowTransactionContext is not thread safe and does not use unique TransactionContextId.

  • Server Side Sync Tries to Call Update on Missing/Deleted Exchange Items.

  • Missing hidden columns when exporting from Data Import fields.

  • Unable to show result that Business Process Flow was changed.

  • The error "Principal user (Id) is missing prvReadQuote privilege (Id)" occurs when attempting to close an Opportunity as lost in CRM App for Phones and Tablets, and this error does not occur using the web.

  • Open in a New Window option missing from sub-grid context menu.

  • The RowVersion property returns null when retrieving entity during synchronous plugin.

  • Unable to see the Full Name of a User or a Team that the record is shared with if name is long.

  • Outlook Client WebFormsHost HTML Web Resources are opening behind Form window.

  • Chart rendering error for an entity with more than 10 calculated fields.

  • Duration Field value appears incorrectly formatted when format uses comma as decimal separator.

  • SuppressDuplicateDetection is not honored in child context.

  • Add to Another Marketing List' sub-grid button is not functioning.

  • Business Process Flow field shows HTML encoding instead of special characters.

  • Cyclic reference between two workflows causes solution export to fail.

  • When attempting to select a template to insert into an e-mail using CRM for Outlook, the error -"You must select a Recipient or a Regarding Record that can be associated to an Email Template. For example you cannot select a Queue. Select a Valid recipient or a regarding record and try again" occurs.

  • Creating phone call using the Dynamics CRM mobile app, the 'Call To' field is not set correctly.

  • "Japanese" and "Oceania" options are missing on PluginRegistration Tool in the latest SDK(7.1.1).

  • Attachments are removed from the Outlook Appointment after synchronization.

  • Lookups filtered with 'related records filtering' do not function on Dynamics CRM mobile app.

  • ScheduledStart Field is not visible inside Activity through Global Search while using the Dynamics CRM mobile app.

  • The database file cannot be found error occurs during Outlook Client configuration.

  • An appointment record created in the web client is locked in the mobile apps.

  • The OptionSet control clientAPIs aren't working correctly for the "statuscode" field in the new form rendering engine.

  • IOS and Android mobile apps fail to configure if an upper-case value is in the organization URL.

  • Auto-save changes cursor position in multi line text fields.

  • Clicking record name in To field of email does not open the record.

  • Opening the Documents section from the Service Request entity is taking longer then 15 seconds.

  • Bevels are shaded out in all form headers.

  • MemberCount property gets calculated wrong when adding members from custom code using parallelism.

  • Opening a Hierarchal Form from Territory entity results in an error.

  • A Saved Query works in a web browser, but when opening it in CRM for Outlook the error "There was an error displaying the records in this view" occurs.

File Information for Update 1.2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is not available at this time.

Applies to

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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