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You can see a list of your Office 365 operated by 21Vianet domains and the status of each one on the Manage domains page:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 with your work or school account.

  2. Choose Setup > Domains.

The following table describes domain statuses you may see.



Possible service issues

You’ve added the domain, but there are one or more issues that need to be corrected before the domain can be used with email, Lync, or other Microsoft 365 services.

Choose Fix issues to view what’s wrong and take steps to correct issues.

Setup in progress (domain verified)

You haven’t yet completed all of the steps to set up the domain.

Choose Complete setup to finish the rest of the steps.

Setup not started

You’ve added the domain but haven’t started setting it up yet.

Choose Start setup to walk through the required steps.

Setup complete

We’ve confirmed that you own the domain and it’s set up with Microsoft 365 services like email and Lync.

The initial domain that’s created when you open your Microsoft 365 subscription also has this status.

Setup complete (DNS check turned off)

We’ve confirmed that you own the domain and it may be set up with Microsoft 365 services. However, because DNS check is turned off, you won’t see potential issues with DNS setup.

DNS check is typically turned off for advanced scenarios like a hybrid setup where a domain is used for both on-premises and cloud services. In that case, the correct DNS setup for cloud services alone doesn’t apply (which is what we check for when we report possible issues with a domain).

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