When you click a hyperlink to a Word template in a Web browser, the template opens in the browser, instead of Word creating a new document that is based on the template.


To work around this behavior of Microsoft Word, create a hyperlink to a shortcut rather than to the template. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. To create a shortcut to your template, right-click the template file in Windows Explorer. Then click Create Shortcut on the menu that appears (shortcut menu).

  2. Create a hyperlink to the shortcut LNK file, not the template file.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you create the hyperlink to the shortcut by clicking Hyperlink on the Insert menu, and then you click Browse to find the shortcut file, the problem still occurs, because the shortcut resolves to that actual template. In order for this workaround to work correctly, you must manually type the path to the shortcut in the Hyperlink dialog box.

After you click the shortcut to the Word template, click Open to open a new document based on the template. After the new document is opened in your Web browser, you can save it to your system.


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