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Scrolling Pages

Use your finger to scroll between pages.

Tap to Add Page

Scroll to Add a New Page

A new page will be created at the end of each journal as you scroll. To prevent multiple blank pages being created you will find a ghosted page at the end of the journal if the page above it is also blank. Tap or start writing on the page to add it.

Add a Page from the Side Panel

In Page View  Icon used on Pages tab in Journal you can tap Add a Page  Icon used on button in Journal that opens an insert menu to quickly add a new page to the end of your journal.

Insert Pages

To insert a new page in the middle of the notebook, tap the 3 dots Icon used to show there is a details menu on an item in Journalat the top right of a journal's page to open the Page Menu and select  Icon used on the Insert Page Above command in Journal Insert Page Above .

A partial capture of a Microsoft Journal page showing the page menu open.

Tear Page or Add Space

If you’re running out of room on your page, or you simply want to separate ideas, you can either move some of the content to another page, or shift some content inside the page to make more room.

Start by dragging your pen in a straight line from just outside the left margin towards the center of the page. A special toolbar will appear:

Screen capture of a section of Journal showing the Add Space and Tear Page buttons

You can drag the  Icon used on button in Journal that adds space to a page Drag here to add space button up or down to create or remove empty space on your page.

If you select  Icon used on button in Journal that tears a page in 2 Tear Page, all the content below the line will be moved to a new page below the current page.

Drag to Add Space

Deleting a Page

To delete a page, select  Icon used on button in Journal that deletes content Delete Page from the page menu. To delete multiple pages, tap the Select Mode button   Icon used on button in Journal that turns on multiselect mode  on the Side Panel to pick the pages you want to delete.

Delete Page

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