When you use a joystick to play Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can change the settings on the joystick to be either more or less sensitive to your movements. This article describes those settings.

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Joystick settings

The preset sensitivity for joysticks in Flight Simulator is in the middle of the range, as is the response rate. You can adjust these sensitivities and experiment to find your optimal setting.

The Sensitivity setting determines how sensitive the joystick is for a particular axis. For example, with high sensitivity, the slightest movement of the joystick has a large effect on the aircraft's controls in Flight Simulator.

The Null zone setting refers to how much "dead space" there is in a particular joystick axis center position. For example, with a large null zone, you can to move the joystick slightly before it affects the aircraft's controls in Flight Simulator.

Adjust the sensitivity of your joystick

To adjust the sensitivity of your joystick, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your joystick is plugged in and is installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  2. Start Flight Simulator.

  3. On the Options menu, point to
    Controls, and then verify that the Disable Joystick option is displayed.

    This option indicates that your joystick is enabled. If you do not see the Disable Joystick option, click Enable Joystick.

  4. On the Options menu, point to
    Controls, and then click

  5. In the Sensitivities dialog box, click the
    Joystick tab.

  6. Use one of the following methods:

    • To adjust the sensitivity for all axes at the same time, click Simple, and then drag the
      Sensitivities-all axes slider and the Null zones-all axes slider to the settings that you want.

    • To adjust the sensitivity for each axis separately, click Advanced. Select each axis, and then drag its
      Sensitivity slider and its Null zone slider to the settings that you want.

    • To reset all sensitivity options to their default values, click Reset Defaults.

  7. Click OK.

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