In Microsoft Project Server 2010, you may experience the following issues:

  • You click the Edit button multiple times on the schedule page before the page has reloaded. In this situation, you receive the following script error message:

    Exception thrown and not caught

  • Assume that you create a new basic project plan with several tasks. When you apply the grouping feature to the project and then save the project, the last task disappears unexpectedly. Additionally, you experience unexpected behavior when you expand or collapse grouping rows.  

  • Consider the following scenario. You try to edit a project in Project Web Application. When you do this, you receive the following warning message:

    Editing is not supported: This project uses features that are not supported for editing in Project Web Application. This project contains fixed-work tasks.

    Then, you click the Save button. In this scenario, the Close button or the Check In button in the ribbon becomes disabled. Additionally, you receive the following error message:

    '_assnMgr' is null or not an object

  • When you try to publish a project that contains a task with an assignment under an unnamed summary task, the Schedule Web part reports that the publish process was successful. However, the publish process is not successful and the project does not reload correctly.  

  • You apply a filter on the tasks in your project. When you try to delete some tasks and then undo the changes, the tasks are added back to the project in the wrong hierarchal order.  

  • Consider the following scenario. You have some projects that have master and subproject relationships. The projects are published to a server. Then, you move the projects to a different server.  In this scenario, the ability to expand subprojects in a master project does not work.  

  • You have a project that is formatted to show only tasks at a certain outline level.  When you delete some tasks and then change to another outline level, you receive the following error message:  

    An unknown error has occurred; see description in ULS log

  • After you correct an invalid value in a task field, the horizontal scroll bar does not work correctly.  

  • Grouping, filtering or sorting by a local custom field does not work because the values for the local fields are not loaded.

  • When a view filters a date field, the project details page returns an empty grid and no tasks are displayed. For example, the view filters the start or the finish date. This problem may occur when the time associated with the date differs from the default time of the server.  

  • Consider the following scenario. You create a project with some linked tasks. Then, you group the tasks by the predecessor field. In this scenario, the grouping name is incorrect and the grouping does not work correctly. Additionally, sorting does not work and the Schedule Web part may crash.

  • Assume that you insert a task before the visible tasks. When you expand the hierarchy of the tasks, an error occurs. Additionally, if you click Retry button, you still receive the error.

  • When you try to open a project that has empty rows or that has null tasks, these tasks are displayed as "auto-scheduled task without any names" in the grid.

  • When you try to load an assignment view that includes the Task Summary Name field, you receive an error that states that the view could not be loaded.  

  • Assume that you add rich text to a task field in a project plan. For example, you add rich text to the Task Name field. After you publish this plan and you browse to the tasks on the My Task page through Project Web Application (PWA), you receive the following error message:  

    Cannot communicate with the server. Verify your connection and try again

  • When you add formatted text into a project plan or when you add a custom field in a project detail page, you may be unable to use Project Web Application (PWA) to load the project in a view that contains the affected field. Additionally, you receive the following error message:  

    Sys.ArgumentException: Cannot deserialize. The data does not correspond to valid JSON.


To resolve this issue, apply the following updates:

2276341 Description of the Project Server 2010 hotfix package (Wosrv-x-none.msp, Pjsrvwfe-x-none.msp, Osrv-x-none.msp): August 31, 2010

2266423 Description of the SharePoint Foundation 2010 hotfix package (Sts-x-none.msp): August 31, 2010


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

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