How do I view the apps and services activity data that Microsoft collects about me?

When you use Microsoft apps and services, we gather data that includes details about the usage of your device, operating system, apps, and services to help troubleshoot issues and give you a better experience. You can go to the activity history page to see which Microsoft websites you’ve visited and which apps you’ve used each day and delete the activity data associated with them.

How do I delete my apps and services activity data?

You can delete the apps and services activity data that Microsoft has associated with your Microsoft account on the activity history page. This data can be cleared on a per-day basis. For example, if you delete data about your usage of Microsoft Word on January 1st, we delete all of the telemetry data we collect about your usage of Word on that day.

Why can’t I see all my apps and services activity data?

Here are some possible reasons why you might not see all of your data on the privacy dashboard:

  • It could take a while to adjust and process your data into a format that you can understand, so it might take a few days for your data to show up.

  • The date under which your apps and services activity appears represents the time data was received by Microsoft. For example, if you used an app, but your device was offline for several days, we would only receive your data once your device comes back online.

  • We only show you data associated with your Microsoft account, so make sure to use your Microsoft account when you sign in to the apps and services you use.

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