Enable text suggestions in Windows

Turn on text suggestions in Windows to quickly complete challenging words and continue working efficiently. As you type, suggestions appear above your cursor, and you can easily select the one you want. Words are predicted based upon your spelling; as you type more letters, new and more accurate suggestions appear.

  1. Select  (Start) >  (Settings). Alternatively, press the Windows logo key+I to open Windows Settings.

    Settings icon pic
  2. In Windows Settings, select Devices.

    Windows device settings pic
  3. In the left navigation pane, select Typing.

    Typing settings pic
  4. Under Hardware keyboard, turn on Show text suggestions as I type. This enables text suggestions when you're typing on a physical keyboard.

  5. Under Typing, turn on Show text suggestions as I type on the software keyboard. This enables text suggestions when you're typing on an on-screen keyboard.

  6. If you want to use text prediction in several languages, turn on Show text suggestions based on the recognized languages you’re typing in.

    The option for text suggestions as you type in Windows
  7. After updating the settings, try typing, for example, a chat message in Microsoft Teams, a document in Word, or a comment to a blog post in your web browser. Suggested words appear as you type.

    Text prediction pic

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