After you create an archive of your privacy dashboard activity history, you need to download your archive as a .zip file and then open this file to access your archive.

To download and open the .zip file

  1. Go to the privacy dashboard and select the Download your data page.

  2. Under Archives, select the Download link next to the archive you want to open.

  3. Follow the instructions in your browser to save the .zip file to a location on your computer.

  4. Once the download is complete, follow the instructions in your browser to open the .zip file.

Inside the .zip file, you’ll find individual archives of your selected data types in the JavaScript Object Notation (.JSON) format.

To open your archive

  1. Double-click the file for the data type you want to view.

  2. Select the browser or app that you want to use to view the contents of the .JSON file.

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