Search history on the privacy dashboard

Why does Microsoft collect my search history?

Like other search engines, Bing uses your web search history to improve your search experience by showing you suggestions as you type, providing personalized results, and more. Cortana also uses your search data to give you timely, intelligent answers and personalized suggestions, and to complete other tasks for you.

How do I view and clear my search history?

To view and clear the Bing search history associated with your Microsoft account, go to the privacy dashboard.

How do I change what Cortana knows about me?

Go to Cortana's Notebook to change what Cortana knows about you.

How do I turn on Bing SafeSearch?

Go to and choose your SafeSearch preference: Strict, Moderate, or Off.

How do I view and clear the browsing history that Microsoft associates with my Microsoft account?

Go to the activity history page to view and clear your browsing history.

Why am I not be seeing all my data on the privacy dashboard?

To learn more about why you might not be seeing all of your data, see View your data on the privacy dashboard.

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