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Important: Learn how to protect yourself from tech support scams. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers use scare tactics to trick you into unnecessary technical support services. Only allow a Helper to connect to your device if you initiated the interaction by contacting Microsoft Support directly. If you or someone you know has been affected by a tech support scam, use the technical support scam form to report it. 

Use the Windows Quick Assist app to get help with a computer problem from family or friends or help them out. Quick Assist uses a remote connection, so remember to only use it with people you trust, since they can see your computer screen or control your PC (if you allow it). 

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Use Quick Assist

Note: You may need to update Quick Assist to continue using it. To learn how, see Install Quick Assist, where you'll also find updated info and answers to common questions.

To help someone you know by using Quick Assist

  1. Select Start , enter Quick Assist, then select it in the list of results (or press the Windows key  + Ctrl + Q).
    Open Quick Assist

  2. Select Help someone, then share the 6-digit code with the person you're helping.

  3. After they've entered the code, wait for the person you're helping to allow the connection and share their screen.

  4. When you’re connected and helping someone, you can use different tools in Quick Assist if you like, such as a laser pointer, annotation, chat for typing messages, and more.

  5. If you’d like to request full control of their PC, select Request control, then wait for them to allow it.

  6. When you’re done helping them, select Leave.

Note: You can also use Windows Remote Assistance and Easy Connect to give and receive remote assistance.

To get help from someone you trust using Quick Assist

  1. Select Start , enter Quick Assist, then select it in the list of results (or press the Windows key  + Ctrl + Q).
    Open Quick Assist

  2. In the Code from assistant box, enter the 6-digit code they gave you, then select Submit.

  3. To allow the connection and start sharing your screen, select Allow.

  4. When someone is helping you, they might request full control of your PC. If you want to allow it, select Allow.
    To stop allowing full control, select Cancel control.

  5. When you’re done getting help, select Leave.

Having problems with Quick Assist?

If you’re having problems installing Quick Assist, see Install Quick Assist or Troubleshoot problems installing Quick Assist

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Your feedback helps us improve Quick Assist. To let us know how we’re doing, send us feedback through the Feedback Hub.  

Open Feedback Hub
For more info about the Feedback Hub, see Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app

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