NFC on Windows Phone

NFC stands for near field communication, a technology that allows two devices to "talk" to each other wirelessly at close range.

Sharing via NFC on Windows Phone

Tap two phones together to share via NFC

Here are some of the ways you can use NFC with Windows Phone:

  • Tap to share photos and more. Tap your phone to another NFC-capable device to quickly share photos, contacts, web addresses, and other things.   
  • Tap to pair with another device. Tap your phone to an NFC-capable accessory (such as a pair of speakers or headphones) to pair it with your phone for Bluetooth communication.
  • Tap a tag to receive info. Tap your phone to an NFC-capable tag (such as a poster or business card) to open a website or an app.
  • Tap to make payments and other transactions. If your phone and mobile operator support it, you can set up credit or debit cards to pay for things in stores that offer this service.

To turn on NFC

  1. In the App list, tap Settings 

    Settings Icon

  2. Tap NFC 

    More Icon
    , and then do one of the following:

    • Turn on Tap to share 
      Toggle On Icon
       to enable NFC sharing and pairing.
    • Turn on Tap to pay 
      Toggle On Icon
       to enable NFC transactions if your phone supports it.



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