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Set up email on Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with Office 365 operated by 21Vianet

Note: This topic applies only to Microsoft 365 operated by 21Vianet.

You can set up your email account using the Outlook for iOS app available from the Apple Store or the built-in iOS mail app.

Set up email with Outlook for iOS

Open Outlook for iOS. The icon looks like this:

iOS Outlook app

If you don't have it yet, download it from the App Store.

Note: Available for iOS devices using iOS 10.0 or higher.

Open the collapsed menu in the upper left corner.

Note: First time using Outlook for iOS? Just tap Get Started.

Tap to open the collapsable menu in the corner

Tap Settings Outlook app settings > Add Account > Add Email Account.

Type your full email address, then tap Add Account.

Note: If you're prompted for more information, you may have to manually setup or use IMAP or POP.

Enter your email address

Enter your email account password and tap Sign In.

Enter your Outlook.com password

Tap Yes or Allow to give Outlook permission to sync calendar, contacts, etc.

Allow permissions.

Swipe through the intro and you're now ready to use Outlook for iOS!

Checkmark - success!

Set up email with iOS Mail app

Go to your device's Settings, scroll down and tap Mail > Accounts >Add Account.

Device Settings > Accounts & Passwords

Tap "Add Account"

Select Exchange.

Choose Exchange

Enter your Microsoft 365 email address, password, and a description of your account. Tap Next.

Note: Your email address should be your Microsoft 365 business account or school account. Such as you@contoso.cn.

Exchange Sign In

If you're prompted to enter server settings, enter the following and tap Next.

  • Email: your full email address.

  • Server: partner.outlook.cn

  • Username: your full email address.

  • Password: email account password.

The Mail app may request certain permissions such as accessing your calendar and contacts. To agree, tap Yes.

Then choose the apps you want your email account to sync with your iOS device and tap Save.

Now you're all set to go!


If you're using a Microsoft 365 account operated by 21Vianet and you're prompted to enter settings manually, or you need server settings for IMAP or POP, use the following if available:

Incoming Server Settings

  • Domain\Username
    Make sure your full email address appears. For example, yourname@contoso.cn.

  • Password
    Use the password that you use to access your email.

  • Server
    Use partner.outlook.cn for Microsoft 365 accounts operated by 21Vianet.

  • Port
    Use 443 or 993.

  • Security type
    Select SSL/TLS or make sure the Use secure connection (SSL) checkbox is checked, then tap Next.

Outgoing SMTP Server Settings

  • SMTP Server
    Use smtp.office365.cn for Microsoft 365 accounts operated by 21Vianet.

  • Security Type
    Choose TLS.

  • Port Number
    Enter 587. Tap Next.

Note: If you're setting up an Exchange-based account and you don't know the name of your Exchange Server, you can Find your Exchange ActiveSync with the expander below.

If your email program is not able to automatically find your Exchange ActiveSync server name, you may need to look it up.

If you’re connecting to your Microsoft 365 email, use partner.outlook.cn as your Exchange ActiveSync server name. The Exchange ActiveSync server name partner.outlook.cn can be used if you are using the latest version of Microsoft 365.

If you’re not using Microsoft 365 or if you aren’t sure if you are using the latest version of Microsoft 365, follow these steps to look up your Exchange ActiveSync server name. Follow these steps to determine your Exchange ActiveSync server name.

  1. Sign in to your account using Outlook Web App.

  2. In Outlook Web App, on the toolbar, click Settings Settings icon > Mail > POP and IMAP.

Note: Although you’re not setting up a POP3 or IMAP account, you’ll use the POP server name to determine your Exchange ActiveSync server name.

  1. On the Settings for POP and IMAP Access page, under POP setting, look at the value for Server name.

  2. If the Server name shows partner.outlook.cn, your Microsoft 365 account is on the latest version of Microsoft 365, and you can use partner.outlook.cn as your Exchange ActiveSync server name.

  3. If the Server name value is in the format podxxxxx.partner.outlook.cn, your Microsoft 365 or other Exchange Online account is not yet on the latest version of Microsoft 365, and you can use m.partner.outlook.cn as your Exchange ActiveSync server name.

  4. If the Server name value includes your organization’s name, for example, pop.contoso.com, then your Exchange ActiveSync server name is contained in address bar in your browser when you are signed in to Outlook on the Web--but without the leading https:// and without the trailing /owa. For example, if the address you use to access Outlook on the Web is https://mail.contoso.cn/owa, your Exchange ActiveSync server name is mail.contoso.cn.

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