Generate a practice math quiz with Math Assistant in OneNote

Quiz yourself on math concepts by generating a practice quiz based on an equation you're solving. Math Assistant will work with Microsoft Forms to create a practice quiz of up to 20 questions featuring similar problems to your original problem, then embed it on your OneNote page. You can create as many practice quizzes as you like.


Create a practice quiz from any math problem

OneNote can generate problems that are similar to those you're assigned to help you practice the steps of solving equations. 

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  1. First, solve your equation using Math Assistant.

  2. Next, select Generate a practice quiz.

    You may be prompted to sign into Microsoft Forms using your school account.

  3. Type in the number of questions you'd like to be included in your practice quiz. You may enter up to 20.

  4. Select Generate quiz. Microsoft Forms will automatically insert the quiz onto your open OneNote page.

    You can interact with the quiz entirely in OneNote, or click the Microsoft Forms link to take the quiz at instead.

    To take the quiz, select an answer for each multiple choice question and select Submit. From there, select View results to see your score and the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly.

Select Generate a practice quiz.

Type in the number of questions for the practice quiz.

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Problem types supported by Math Assistant

What types of equations can be generated in a practice quiz?

You can generate a practice quiz for the types of equations below. The generated quiz will provide  problems similar to the equation you entered with solutions that reflect the same types of numbers (integers, rational or real numbers) that were entered with the problem and wrong “distraction” answers that take into account frequent mistakes when solving that type of problem. The following list works best for integer coefficients and integer solutions. 

  • Arithmetic

    • Addition

    • Subtraction

    • Multiplication

    • Division

  • Equations and inequalities

    • Linear equations

    • Quadratic Equations (supports rational and complex solutions)

  • Linear inequalities

  • Quadratic inequalities

The following types of equations can be used to create a practice quiz, but the incorrect "distraction" answers will not be based upon common errors.

  • Expressions

    • Arithmetic expressions

    • Expand

    • Factor

    • Differentiate (only available for polynomials)

    • Integrate (only available for polynomials)

  • Equations and Inequalities

    • Solve for your variable

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