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Security-only update

Improvements and fixes

This security update resolves security vulnerabilities in scripting engine, Hyper-V, libjpeg image-processing library, Adobe Type Manager Font Driver, Win32K, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Graphics Component, Windows kernel-mode drivers and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. This update also enables detection of processor generation and hardware support status when PC tries to scan or download updates through Windows Update.

For more information about the security vulnerabilities resolved, please refer to the Security Update Guide.

Known issues in this update


Workaround / Resolution

If the PC uses an AMD Carrizo DDR4 processor, installing this update will block downloading and installing future Windows updates.

This issue is resolved by KB4022722.


How to get this update

To get the stand-alone package for this update, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

More Information

  • The security fixes that are listed in this Security Only Quality Update KB4015546 are also included in April 2017 Security Monthly Quality Rollup KB4015549. Installing either update KB4015546 or KB4015549 installs the security fixes that are listed here.

  • This Security Only Quality Update does not include security fixes for Internet Explorer. To obtain the security fixes for Internet Explorer, Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer KB4014661 should also be installed. Note that the Security Monthly Quality Rollup does contain security updates for Internet Explorer.

  • If you use update management processes other than Windows Update and you automatically approve all Security updates classifications for deployment, this April 2017 Security Only Quality Update, KB4015546, the April 2017 Security Monthly Quality Rollup, KB4015549, and Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer KB4014661 are deployed. We recommend that you review your update deployment rules to make sure the desired updates are deployed.

  • This Security-only Quality Update is not applicable for installation on a computer where the Security Monthly Quality Rollup or Preview of Monthly Quality Rollup from April 2017 (or a later month) is already installed, because those updates contain all of the security fixes that are included in this Security-only Quality Update.

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