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You can create a Customer site or Product center site that is independent of the portal site in a Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP site collection.

Independent Customer or Product sites can increase flexibility for some scenarios. For example, these two scenarios describe situations in which independent sites might be a benefit:

  • When you need to create a Customer center site (or a Product center site) under a site collection that is not a Duet Enterprise portal

  • When you want to have a center site on one site collection, and provide independent instance sites on a different site collection. For example, in this scenario, the designer might implement a Duet portal site, and provide an independent Customer site on a different collection that displays the list of customers.

    Note:  To create an independent Customer or Product center site, you must activate collaboration for the site. For information about how to do this, see Activate collaboration for a Customer or Product workspace.

To create a new Customer center or a Products center site:

  1. From the home page on a site for which Duet Enterprise collaboration is activated, select Site Actions and then select New site.

  2. From the Gallery page, select Duet Enterprise Customers
    Duet Enterprise Customers
    Duet Enterprise Products.
    Duet Product Center

  3. In the property pane on the Gallery page, select More Options.

  4. Enter a Title and a Web Site Address for the site, and then click Create to create the site.

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