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Before this update, different versions of Microsoft SQL Server used different Showplan XML Schemas. Starting with this update, all earlier versions of the Showplan XML Schema are replaced with this latest version. From now on, a single version of the current Showplan XML Schema will be maintained.

Be aware that any new Showplan XML extensions in newer versions of SQL Server are optional elements. This does not mean that earlier versions of SQL Server, such as SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 4 , SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 3 and SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2, will support all elements that are introduced in a new schema. Those older versions won't generate the optional elements that they don't support. However, the new schema will remain valid for the Showplan XML that is generated by earlier versions.

Different versions of SQL Server will continue producing a separate set of elements in Showplan XML. However, the Unified Showplan Schema is backward-compatible.

More information

This update is included in the following service packs for SQL Server:

Service Pack 2 for SQL Server 2016

Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2014

Service Pack 4 for SQL Server 2012

Each new update for SQL Server contains all the hotfixes and security fixes that were included in the previous update. Check out the latest service pack for SQL Server:

Latest service pack for SQL Server 2012

Service packs are cumulative. Each new service pack contains all the fixes that are in previous service packs, together with any new fixes. Our recommendation is to apply the latest service pack and the latest cumulative update for that service pack. You do not have to install a previous service pack before you install the latest service pack. Use Table 1 in the following article for finding more information about the latest service pack and latest cumulative update.

How to determine the version, edition and update level of SQL Server and its components


Learn about the terminology that Microsoft uses to describe software updates.

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