This article describes the April 2011 update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This update contains server-side fixes. These server-side fixes are installed automatically by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online team. For more information about services and support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, visit the following Microsoft website:

Technical support for Microsoft Dynamics

More Information

Issues that are fixed in the April 2011 update

Server-side fixes

The April 2011 update includes the following server-side fixes that were not previously documented:

  • Assume that you enable the Use Secure Frames to Restrict Email Message setting. When you create an email message in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web client, you find that you cannot edit the body of the email message. Additionally, you receive the following error message:

    This Content cannot be displayed in a Frame.

  • When you run the Advanced Find function, a time-out occurs.

  • When you save a schedule in Windows Internet Explorer 9, you receive an error message.

  • When you import incoming email messages into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you receive the following error message:

    The lookup reference could not be resolved.

  • When you add a price list item to a product in Internet Explorer 9, an OnChange event occurs.

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