Make contactless payments with your Surface Duo 2 when you set up Google Pay on it. Afterwards, you can make payments using NFC in stores that have a payment reader. Here's how to set it up the first time and then use it.

  1. Download the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store and add a credit card.
    For more info about how to add a credit card, see Set up a card for contactless payments on the Google website.

  2. Open Settings, then tap Connected devices > NFC, then turn on NFC.

  3. Tap Contactless payments to set up your payment options—including which payment app to use by default (Payment default) and when to use the default payment app or another one (Use default).

  4. When you're in a store that has a payment reader, unlock your Surface Duo.

  5. Fold the left screen back on your Surface Duo, then hold it near the reader.

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