Using Quick Assist

Quick Assist allows you to provide access to your device so another person, such as a Microsoft support professional or a friend, in another location may control and work on your device including viewing your device screen, accessing data, installing software on your device and changing settings on your device. Your device may be remotely accessed only with your explicit permission.

It is important to back up your data, files, applications and software as well as secure all the personal or confidential information stored on your device BEFORE starting a Quick Assist session.

The Quick Assist software is licensed to you under the Microsoft Software License Terms for the Windows Operating System.

Access by Microsoft Support Professional. Your Quick Assist session with a Microsoft support professional is governed by the terms of the Answer Desk services agreement and Microsoft Privacy Statement

Other Access. Always use caution when allowing another person to access your device using Quick Assist. Microsoft makes Quick Assist available to you for your convenience and is not responsible for the ability or inability of an individual to use Quick Assist or for the results achieved. Microsoft provides Quick Assist ‘as is’ and you bear the risk of using it.

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