If a student in your class does not appear to be added to the Class Notebook, they may not have been added properly. Please follow these steps to properly add students to a Class Notebook: Add students to a Class Notebook in OneNote.

Tip: If you're using Microsoft Teams for desktop and aren't seeing students you've added to your Class Notebook, check for updates to make sure you're operating the latest version of the app. This may resolve any bugs causing the issue.

If you are using School Data Sync and newly added students are not showing in Class Notebook, please follow these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.

  2.  Navigate to the Class team where the Class Notebook is located.

  3. Select Class Notebook. This will trigger provisioning so that new members are seen in the notebook.

Note: Whenever student/faculty members are added/removed in School Data Sync, the above steps must be completed in order for the changes to be seen in Class Notebook.

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