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Paint 3D can be used to create impressive 3D objects! You can also use and manipulate pre-made objects from the 3D library.

Note: Paint 3D is available in Windows 10. 

Searching the 3D model library

  1. Launch Paint 3D from your Apps.

  2. Select 3D shapes from the ribbon and then Open 3D library.

  3. Enter your search term into the Search box and press Enter.

  4. Select your chosen model to add it to the canvas.

Manipulating the 3D model

Using 3D models, you can move them and add multiples together to create your own unique model.

Let's try creating a pig with wings:

  1. When you select the model, movement arrows will appear:

    • The top arrow will rotate the object along the Z-axis.

    • The right arrow will rotate along the X-axis.

    • The bottom arrow will rotate along the Y-axis.

    • The left arrow will slide your model forward and backwards in space.

    • Select and drag the model to move it around the canvas.

    • Select and drag the little white boxes on the corners and sides of the box surrounding the object to enlarge, shrink, or stretch the object however you want.

    Play around with these until you get a good sense of moving and manipulating the model.

  2. Open the 3D library again, search for a wing, and select the one you want to add it to the canvas.

  3. The wing will appear on the canvas. Drag the models apart and modify them until they look the way you want them to.

  4. Move the models around until the wing is positioned correctly:

    Select Select all to rotate both models at the same time and make sure they are correctly positioned from all angles.

  5. Combine the models by selecting Select all > Group.

  6. Repeat the steps above to add another wing or element to the model.

Extras: Add backgrounds, effects, and more to your 3D model


  1. Return to the 3D library and search for a background you want (Sky, for example).

  2. Select the background object to resize and position it.

    Drag the corners of the background to the edges of the canvas.


  1. To add an effect to your 3D Paint project, select Effects.

  2. Select the effect you want on the menu. It will instantly filter over your painting.

    Select the sun around the Light wheel and spin it around to reposition the lighting.

Selecting other tabs at the top of Paint 3D (2D shapes, 3D shapes, Stickers, and Effects) will allow you to add even more details to your Paint 3D project!

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