After you change the path to the SysData folder in the Organization Information winodw, you receive the following error message.

Run-Time Error 5: Invalid Procedure Call or Argument


After the sysdata is moved to a new location, changing the pathing for Microsoft FRx Designer sysdata through the Admin - Org - Sysdata screen produces a Run-time Error 5. The pathing for the Specification Set(s) is still pointing to the old Microsoft FRx sysdata. Before the sysdata path can be changed in Microsoft FRx Designer, in certain environment, Microsoft FRx cannot resolve the change to the sysdata if the Specification Set(s) pathing is not changed first.


  1. Click Company from the menu and select Specification Sets.

  2. In the Location field, change the pathing to point to the new directory location of the sysdata or click the drop-down and browse to the nework location of the F32 files (Microsoft FRx recommends UNC Pathing.). Change the location for all Specification Sets.

  3. Close the Specification Set window.

  4. Click Admin and select Organization.

  5. Click the Sysdata button. Type in the path to the network location of the sysdata. Microsoft FRx recommends using a UNC path.

  6. A message will display "After changing the Sysdata directory path, FRx will exit". FRx application closes.

  7. The pathing for the sysdata and the Specification Sets are now changed and when launching FRx the companies and reports are available to select.


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