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對於所有的值為 NA 值取代零或其他內容而言,需要轉換輸入的資料集使用函式的輸出資料集的資料


取代所有的值為 NA,"AirlineDemoSmall.xdf"的 xdf 檔案中的範例指令碼如下所示︰

# Create a data frame with missing valuesset.seed(17)
myDataF <- data.frame(x = rnorm(100), y = runif(100), z = rgamma(100, shape = 2))
xmiss <- = 5, to = 100, by = 5)
ymiss <- = 2, to = 100, by = 5)
myDataF$x[xmiss] <- NA
myDataF$y[ymiss] <- NA

# Convert into a xdf


writeLines("\n\nXdf Generated with random NA values")
print(rxGetInfo(myDataF, n = 15)$data)     # Test ouput data 
## Use from here if there is an existing xdf.
## replace myDataNA with your xdf file
writeLines("\n\nVariables that contains NA values (Missing Observations)")
(mySum <- rxSummary(~., data = myDataNA)$sDataFrame)

# Find variables that are missing
transVars <- mySum$Name[mySum$MissingObs > 0]
print(transVars) #Test detected variables

# create a function to replace NA vals with mean
NAreplace <- function(dataList) {
        replaceFun <- function(x) {
              x[] <- replaceValue
 dataList <- lapply(dataList, replaceFun)
myDataRMV<-file.path(getwd(),"myDataRMV.xdf")       # Replace Missing Value 
trsfxdf<- rxDataStep(inData = myData1, outFile = myDataRMV,
     transformFunc = NAreplace, 
     transformVars = transVars,
     transformObjects = list(replaceValue = "REPLACED MISSING VALUE"),
writeLines("\n\nTransformed xdf with NA replaced by Value")
print(rxGetInfo(myDataRMV, n=15)$data)     # Test output data

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