When the money in your Microsoft account expires

የሚተገበረው ለ፦ የMicrosoft መለያMicrosoft Store

Promotional balances

From time to time, Microsoft may offer promotional gift cards you can redeem to your Microsoft account.

  • Promotional gift cards and codes have an expiration date. See the terms of the promotion for details.
  • When you buy from us with your Microsoft account, we’ll use any promotional balances first, starting with the nearest expiration date.

Non-promotional balances

  • Any money in your Microsoft account not from a promotional gift card is “non-promotional” and has no expiration date. But if you don’t use your account for a prolonged period of time, the law may require us to consider it abandoned and to transfer any funds to the appropriate government authority.
  • We will reach out to give you adequate notice before transferring any money from your account.