Edit and format a Wiki tab in Teams

To make changes to a page or section of a Wiki tab, just click into it and start typing. You have all the usual formatting options, such as bold, italic, and underlined text, highlighting, headers, and lists.

Your Wiki tab autosaves your changes as soon as you're done editing, so once you click out of a section, your work is safe and sound.

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Add a page or section

To add a new page to your Wiki tab, just open your table of contents and click Create a new page. You can drag and drop your new page anywhere you like.

To add a new section to a page, hover over a section title and click Add a new section here. Your new section appears beneath the section you selected.

Delete a page or section

To delete an entire page, go to page title in the table of contents and click More options More options button > Delete.

To delete a section, hover over the section name and click More options More options button > Delete.

Reorder pages and sections

To move a page or section in your Wiki tab, go to the table of contents. Next to the page or section title, click More options More options button > Move up or Move down.

Collaborate with others on a page

Once you start editing a section, it's locked so that no one else can make changes. However, different people can edit different sections of a page at the same time. If someone else is editing your page, their picture appears next to the page title.

If someone is taking too long to edit a section, you have the option of booting them out. Just hover over the section title and click More options More options button > Force unlock.

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