Project for the web Quick start
Project for the web Quick start

Create a project

Start a new project

  1. In Project Home, select New blank project.

  2. Select Untitled project and give your project a name.

    • By default, you are the Project Manager and today is the project Start date, but you can change these as needed.

The New Project pane in Project with a project name and date added

Add tasks and summary tasks

  1. Select Add new task and type a task name. Then press Enter.

  2. Type another task name and press Enter again until you have a full list of tasks.

  3. To indent tasks under summary tasks, select the three vertical dots by the task name and choose Make subtask. Tips:

    • To select more than one task, select a task, press and hold Ctrl, and then select another task.

    • You can also choose Promote subtask to move tasks out from under summary tasks.

The Add New Task selection in Project

The Make Sub-Task menu selection within a project in Project

Assign tasks

To assign tasks, your project needs to be associated with an Office 365 Group. If you’re the project owner, you can:

  • Add your project to a group by choosing Group members at the top of your project.

  • Add or remove people from the project’s group.

To assign a task:

  1. In the Assigned to column for a task, select the person icon.

  2. Choose a team member from the list or enter text to search for one.

The Assigned To column in Project, displaying a name search

For more information on assigning tasks, see Share a project.

Add duration and columns

It's often easiest to begin constructing your project with duration.

  1. In the Duration column for a task, type the number of days you think it will take to accomplish.

    If you want to use a different unit of time, enter a number plus the word hours, weeks, or months.

    If you want your task to appear as a diamond-shaped milestone  Screen shot of a milestone icon in Project for the web in Timeline view, type 0 days in the Duration column.

  2. Press Enter to go to the next task's Duration field and continue entering durations.

Note: You can't enter duration for summary tasks.

You can continue to add more details to your project by adding columns.

  • Beside the Duration column header, choose Add Column.

The Duration column in Project, displaying a duration being entered

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